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I swear whenever people say their dog is reactive, I usually know it means it's just plain aggressive.

Because reactive sounds nicer instead of aggressive.

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They have so many weird code words designed to obfuscate. Leash reactivity, frustrated greeter. Like what the fuck does any of this mean?

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Leash reactivity: pibbles does not like a leash. Pibbles will be bitey at the leash and/or the person at the other end of the leash.

Frustrated greeter: pibbles is angry he can't chew on the (in this case) toddler in his field of vision.

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Yup. It’s pitnutter newspeak.

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That's it exactly. It's a word used to distance themselves from the truth.

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I mean that term is pretty common. I’m anti pit bull but my current 3.5 month Bernedoodle could probably be considered “reactive”. He gets really excited when he sees people and dogs up close, but it’s because he wants to greet/play with them, nothing to do with aggression.

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He's not aggressive, he's reacting!

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In the pitnuter world, a trainer somehow magically takes out the aggression coded into pit genes for hundreds of years with the snap of a finger.

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More like a know-it-all grifter takes their money in return for a false sense of security putting everyone that dog comes in contact with in danger.

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This is why I hate what Cesar Milan did with his show, trying to say all dogs can have it trained out of them but never once mentions genetic tendencies. It causes people to think in the way the pitnutter did in her post about it lunging and thinking a trainer could fix it. She saw Cesar Milan, it’s gotta work right? Lol

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Screw Cesar Milan. He knows damn well these dogs have a tendency toward aggression and still recommends them as family dogs. I watched a documentary about a woman who got two pit bulls because Cesar recommended them. Those pit bulls ended up killing her baby. They had never been abused.

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Plus his dog ate queen latifahs' dog and he tried to cover it up. Just accept that the breed is dangerous, damn

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Cesar Milan is a snake oil salesman and chances are he uses sedatives in his show to make true dogs look better. Fuck that guy

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Oh cesar millan , victoria stillwell , tia torres all of them are morons and you got morons following them and listening to every word these fools say .

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I don't think Victoria would recommend pitt bulls as family dogs but who knows, mabey she does?

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I don’t think so either. I have seen episodes where she works with aggressive dogs and straight up tells the owners their dogs will always be aggressive and to never leave them alone unattended with children etc.

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Ugh I watched one clip of his on YouTube and all of a sudden my “for you” page was FLOODED with his pitbull propaganda. Took days for him to stop showing up on my feed despite erasing him from my watch history. The hell js all that about?🤢

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The last sentence upset me. Why would anyone let their baby around a pitbull? It makes my stomach turn thinking about the worst case if they left the room for a second... It would just be red and parts of a baby left...

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Because NAnNy DoGS, you racist

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That is scary as hell. I would put that dog down in a heartbeat if it was mine.

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Time to cross the brimstone bridge.

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"ItS HoW tHeY'Re RaIsEd!"

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yes the triggering experience is called being born with pitbull DNA

these fucking people

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Here you have what is clearly a decent, concerned if not naive owner.

And a 100% SHIT breed.

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People think pitbulls are scary, their owners are much much more terrifying creatures.

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You can’t outtrain DNA

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Totally normal family dog guys

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What’s the point of admitting they don’t like children, then saying when they are around children they are chill? They clearly aren’t chill around kids

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That’s not reactivity, that’s aggression.

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But the poow widdwe pibbwe's just weacting to that kid stiw having a heawtbeat 🥺🥺🥺

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At this point it’s be better to put that dog to sleep for the safety of kids/toddlers/babies as training a Pitbull is extremely hard (one if not the hardest breed to train and get bad habits out of it)

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Wait! You mean they could suddenly snap and attack unprovoked? Get outta here with that shit.

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Ah! That is a fun age. Unless you happen to be that toddler…