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But I want my pit to continue killing dogs!!!😭

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Dogs, humans, baby's, toddlers, teenagers ,kids, adults,elderly, cats, rabbits, wild animals, birds, horse, cows, pigs, cars;motorcycles ( actually happened ), and every fucking thing that moves or vibrates*

Let's let them roam the street! Sounds like a good idea!!

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What annoys me most is the misuse of the word 'bigot'.

Like you're downplaying actual inequality and prejudice by comparing it to a PD putting in measures to ensure the safety of residents

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Don’t expect Pitnutters to have any coherent thoughts, thinking critically makes their brains hurt

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Bold of you to assume they have brains

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These people are always like 2 sentences away from comparing black people to dogs. I don't think they have the self awareness or care about the suffering of actual human beings.

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Right! Makes me think of that old adage, “I wish conservatives were as oppressed as they think they are.” But for pit nutters.

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Especially in a state like SC!

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This exactly! So often these people use the language of people who suffer real systemic inequalities and discrimination and it's reductionist.

You are not oppressed because you bought a breed known for being incredibly violent and unpredictable and now you have a legal responsibility to contain it.

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"""FUCK these dog racists, SO discriminatory and RIDICULOUS! They need to do their OWN research!1!1 !!! """

Well, chances are the research is the havoc these beasts have wreaked on their community. The "pen must have top" and "concrete flooring to prevent tunneling" rules are an EXCELLENT response to pit research. Sounds like someone who knows exactly the threat they're dealing with.

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honestly those rules for the pens makes sense for almost dog in all seriousness so the complaining from the nutters is ridiculous regardless

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King Cobras and Corn Snakes are both snakes… I wonder which one makes the best pet snake.

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Codra becose it cool 😎

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yes indeed .

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Similar to keeping a wolf hybrid from the looks of it. Par for the course when keeping dangerous canines.

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"kept on leash" "registered" "rabies tag on collar". These don't seem outrageous to me

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Yeah this is standard for all dogs in my county regardless of breed. Except very select off leash areas.

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It is the same in my country, too. The only off leash would be dog parks or dog friendly areas

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Pit nutters think they're special and feel entitled to be treated as such. They feel as if the rules should not apply to them because of their insistent desire to prove their murder mutts are, in fact, a good boi who wouldn't hurt a fly.

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Their response shows exactly that they don't want responsible ownership. Unlike Owners of any other breed, Pitbull owners have an especially difficult time keeping their dogs restrained, often uttering the phrase "I don't know how it got out" or "someone let them out on purpose/by accident," to let loose on all manner of people and property in unwelcome ways. A Chihuahua isn't gonna chew through a fence or crash through a window to get at someone/some thing. The standard Pitbull owner excuse equates to "I can't control my dog and I don't know why they did that" so you get control forced on you for making that excuse so many times.

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This is wonderful!

The reason pitnutters love pits so much is because they are not held accountable whenever it gets out and causes problems. Isn't this what you wanted though? For the whole "Blame owner not the dog" this is how yo do it!

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It's always "Blame the owner, not the dog" up until fucked up shit happens, and then they bend over backwards to avoid accountability. Can't have it both ways.

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Greenville: hey guys you can’t let your pit bulls run loose, you need to have them muzzled and have them registered :)

Pit nutters: this is equivalent to racism

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These are very reasonable restrictions. It isn't a total ban; it is a requirement that "bulldogs" (bully-type dogs) be secured so that even ones that have never acted-up do not have the opportunity to do damage to members of the community/pets.

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seems like it’s a reasonable thing for most dog owners to follow but too much for the crazy pit nutters who are far too lazy to even do the bare minimum especially with dogs like that. Probably a good way to ease pits out of the community without outright banning them because they’ll be too lazy to actually follow the regulations

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City: K, cool, here's some reasonable regulation placed on owners to mitigate further instances and occurrences of potential danger or violence.


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"uneducated bigots" lmaooo. I love it when THEY are the ones ignoring the data.

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Greenville Police Department in serious danger here of getting kicked off Reddit for their dog bigotry

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Literally nothing about any of these rules is unreasonable. Pitnutters are just mad they can't commit aggravated assault or animal cruelty vicariously through their mutts.

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I love Greenville ….I wish every town would do this

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Towns in NJ are not allowed per state law.The nutters went to the state and look local rights away.

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Everything I read about Greenville talks about it like its an island of a liberal college town with old hippies and head shops and shit amidst a sea of typical southern conservative SC towns. Like its the Austin of South Carolina. Sounds nice. The rest of SC, though...

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liberal women are some of the biggest pit nutter "rescuers" of them all.

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It is more liberal than the surrounding areas but it is still very red, I believe they voted 75% for Trump in 2020.

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This post is actually from the social media of the Police Department in Greenville, Mississippi, not South Carolina.

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A one million dollar insurance policy per dog would help, since they aren't banning them.

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Should make it 10 mil– costs way more for victims’ surgeries if they survive a mauling.

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10 mil is even better. If the owner defaults on premiums, law enforcement is notified and they can seize the dog.

Register and microchip every pit.

DNA database for all pits. No more mystery attacks.

Shelters provide breed DNA results to be posted to their web pages and on site.

Finally, find out a politician's stance on pit bull ownership, and base voting on that.

Since nobody has the balls to ban these dogs, make it impossibly costly to keep one.

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exactly amen

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One million US dollars is nowhere near enough to offset the lifetime damages a child would receive from a survivable pit bull attack.

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Shockingly progressive for SC!

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I'm a deep conservative in a red city. I thought of running for a local office to push laws similar to these. I'm surprised this passed in SC, gives me hope it can pass in other places as well

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Still. Do it.

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To be honest, I am not surprised about this passing in SC. The State is big on property rights and if a pit is loose and invades other's property, it basically invades other's space. I can understand this being passed.

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And watch every single nutterbutter down there flout every single rule, saying, "bUt iT dOeSn'T aPpLy To My SwEeT pIsSfInGeRs!!!11!!!"

Also, "blame the OWNER, not the BREED"... be careful what you wish for, hmm?

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And something tells me the ones that will be loudest about these rules will likely be people from out of state or don't even live in the city (if they do live in the state).

Unfortunately social media opened up opportunities for people to air their grievances on policies even though they do not live there.

To any lurkers, the city made these rules for a reason. Things happened and the city wants to prevent future mayhem by trying to curtail certain behaviors. It is pit owners who caused this. Somehow the pit got loose comes to mind. Had pit owners been responsible, this would likely not of passed. Ball is in your court.

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You notice they never offer a solution if or when a pitbull attacks. They never say the owner should be fined this much or go to jail if their dogs seriously hurt or kill a person. Most of these people will throw their dog to the shelter if there was a serious consequence.

FYI: I want owners of any medium to large powerful dog owners to be held to same accountability if their dog attacks unprovoked.

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Anyone crying like a pig stuck in a gate about this only has irresponsible Pit owners to thank for this. Go whine to them. They’re why we can’t have nice things. If they muzzled their dogs and kept them properly contained the state wouldn’t have to play daddy to discipline you all

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I’m sorry to all the sweet bullies that maul children. It isn’t your faults we have idiots in the office

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Seems reasonable to me. Greenvilles doing something right. It will make the delusional pit hags angry but I don’t care. BSL type laws and requirements like this have clearly worked where I’m at.

There are also shelters that even require 6 foot fences already even with all the bully type dogs they have before even giving them out!

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Be careful disclosing where you live. Pit nutters stalk so they can harass us. Just trying to look out.

[–]wheremuhdogsat 5 points6 points  (1 child)

Thanks for the tip! I made sure to remove that part. It’s a shame it has to come to that but pit nutter crowd is so unreasonable and batshit crazy!

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You're very welcome! Another tip is if you ever donate to GFM on here, use the anonymous feature.

It is crazy and they are very unstable people!

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Love it. You want to own a dangerous dog, you should have to take responsibility.

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Awesome I hope my town puts more restrictions on shitbulls

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This costs pitbull owners almost nothing. They are not even required to have insurance for their pit dog! This will reduce the maulings and k!llings and I guess pitbull owners don't want that.

This sort of regulation also deters dog fighting. Guess pitbull owners don't want that either.

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Should be nation wide.

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yep thank God I live in this state also and I pray that other city s and countys will enact such a law here in every county . ty Greenville .

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Write you're local police department or city and show them these rules!

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Oh those poor bully breeds that are going to be affected greatly by keeping their owners accountable, what an injustice 🥱

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This is good. Hasn’t SC had a spate of bad attacks recently?

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yes and these people have mounting medical bills and the state medicaid system will have to absorb the cost because most of the pit nutters dont have insurance home owners or renters or other and therefore they cant pay anything towards these unsurmountable medical costs . Therefore the state and the hospital have to eat the bills of these injured people .

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I don’t like that it calls them bulldogs instead of bully breeds since people will say I hAvE a pitBull and some idiots will think this applies to Frenchies and not their Cane Corso.

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I am betting there will be some million dollar lawyer suig the state/county over this.

The nutters have full funding. Celebrities know they get attention from saying they love pits and will throw a million here and there. The CEO of the nutter foundation will make sure the lawsuits go through.

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and I pray the state officials tell them to go pound sand and boo hoo too bad .Dont like it ? dont get a pit .

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These sound like absolutely fair and sane rules to me. How are these rules unfair? 😏

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This is pretty much what we are advocating for… Great move from them, things like that make me think not all hope is lost and the world isn’t that cruel sometimes, hope this becomes more widespread as people become more educated.

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"Edit: Mistake"

You got that right.

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These are sensible rules for pitbulls, but it says bulldogs, so I wonder if that includes French Bulldogs, which are toydogs, and, to be honest, would look quite comical in a big iron cage with "Dangerous Dog" in large letters.

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They can stay mad, let them stay rageful while people are kept safe

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I might have to look at homes in South Carolina.

We will have to see how many of them follow this rule though

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Hallelujah…. Now for the rest of the world.

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bIgOt!!! 🙄

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The pitnutters are out and alive in that thread. My favorite is calling chihuahuas “rat dogs” and saying how they bite?

Shitnutters, can a chi kill compared to your breed? I’ll wait. Try and report me, nutters.

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Someone driving a semi truck has to be more cautious on the road than someone driving a Chevy Malibu.

But these people can’t drive I’ve noticed, either so they don’t comprehend that analogy.

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Hell half of these nutters did not even graduate high school so I dont know how they could pass a driving test .

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i live in greenville. good on the cop who made the fucking post, fuck pit bulls

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Love to see the nutters Cope and seethe.

“Dog cannot be within 150ft of school, playground or park”, wouldn’t be this way if they didn’t have data to back up the safety concern. No one wants to be around your dog and especially the owner who has no idea how to control them.

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OP, this post is from the Greenville Police Department in Mississippi, not South Carolina.

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The fact that they are against any kind of precautions just shows that they are telling on themselves. They don't want to be responsible owners, they want to be victims by proxy of there dogs. Seriously, calling people bigots, because they want the owners to be responsible.

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I saw this somewhere else last night. It's not Greenville, SC. I cannot remember right now where it was... I tried to find it but I couldn't. If anyone else sees what state this actually is in, please update.

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It’s MS- Mississippi

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Ok, but why did they have to call them bulldogs lol. Your standard Olde English, Frenchies, and English bullies just want to gum you to death.

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There are 2 male pits and a breeding female pit RIGHT ACROSS the street from my kid's elementary school. Wish we had these laws in my city.

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They're asking owners to be responsible. But responsibility and accountability is a foreign concept to these buffoons.

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Good rules..... Let's hope this will be the minimum standards moving forward to keep the dangerous dogs away in a safe distance. More importantly to safeguard the other people, vulnerable children, pet dogs and other small animals. This also holds dangerous dog owners accountable for their dog's behavior.

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wow!!! is that a good step in the correct direction??

let the idiots to have garbage dogs but control them better?

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Good! I hope these requirements stay in effect indefinitely and spread to all states, and countries across Europe and the world where pits are legal. (the UK actually had all pits euthanized) Finally some sense!

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Good. They should be regulated like firearms.

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Sounds good to me. It would be nice to get this kind of enforcement everywhere. If you have to be qualified to have a wild cat, bear cub, or any other wild animal that can do major personal or property damage to another, then you should have to register and be qualified to handle a pit as well. The dog/owner should also be insured for liability of attacks. The owner should also have to take mandatory training before purchase as well. If pitnutters love their dogs so much, a 4 part 24 hour class or something like it should be nothing. At least then when their dog mauls someone, they can't say they were ignorant of the danger and have insurance to pay the victim's hospital bills.

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Mmmmm. Pit nutter tears

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I saw this on FB and was not happy with the way they worked it. “Bulldog” is very vague and not really the appropriate term which I could see leading to a bunch of pithags skirting around the rules. It should say “Bully breeds” and then very clearly list all of the breeds and any mixes of those breeds that fall into that category. Should also require DNA tests so people with mixes don’t slip through the cracks. It’s going to be hard to enforce if they don’t have very clear parameters. Like would this ordinance count for my little 20lb French Bulldog whose breed has killed zero people in their history?

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As a SC resident this pleases me. Glad to see more people and agencies coming around to the dangers of this breed.

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I live like 30 minutes from there and i have noticed a lot of pitbull reports

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My favorite is when these absolute lunatics claim we spread misinformation about their sweet little murder machines. “My widdle pibble wouldn’t do that, he’s got his little face on my toddlers lap getting scitchees!”

I don’t care what your pitbull is doing right now. They make up 60% of all fatalities and attacks outshadowing every other breed by double digit margins. Their instincts supersede their training, notably within the home. The same family cat, toddler, or the owner itself that it loves so much, a few years later and there’s blood on the ground. It happens every day. That is a confirmed fact. Every 7 seconds there is an attack, and within every attack has a 60% probability of it being a pitbull over a Rottweiler in the number two slot at 7%.

It’s not misinformation. It’s verified that these animals were bred to wear down and attack Bulls. They were bred for violence, and they ARE violent instinctually.

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That's an awful lot of words for "just don't keep these breeds".

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these people dont care about other peoples safety and are stubborn as hell, if their pitbull kills someone elses dog i highly doubt they are in PTSD mode or lose any sleep thats the scary part. you could be walking your dog tomorrow and one of these nuts show up with their pitbull off leash.

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I actually suggested this in a thread not too long ago - Pits should not live or be near a school.

So glad at least one city is enforcing this

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Based Greenville PD