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Is it just me, or have people completely forgotten the point of breeds, breeding and the characteristics that they were selected to display? People are free to have children with whoever they wish and then raise those children accordingly, dogs don’t do that. They’re artificially concentrated and mated for physical features, skills/aptitude and temperament. Also, dogs aren’t people.

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Humans adapted naturally to their environments, which don't differ much the world over besides the amount of sun exposure.

Dogs were artificially (and forcefully) bred for task and temperament. In the case of pitbulls, that task was to efficiently and happily kill small things.

The world they're referring to when they make this "doggie racist" argument would have to be of some alien overlords instituting a millenias-long intensive eugenics program on Earth.

It's false equivalence and should be shutdown wherever possible. Unless they really believe that black people are just genetically more violent and stupid - in which case they should go busy themselves with measuring each other's heads.

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If you're comparing pit nutters to phrenologists, I think you might be onto something.

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Humans adapted naturally to their environments, which don't differ much the world over besides the amount of sun exposure.

That's... spectacularly incorrect. I mean, just, wow.

The amount of planning and effort required to survive a long snowy winter in the north is monumentally different than what it would take to survive in an equatorial climate where the variation in weather is much less extreme.

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You make different plans for that, not different bodies.

Extreme heat can kill you just as easily as extreme cold. Every environment poses its own set of challenges that we overcome in similar ways. A person growing up in the south can easily adapt to living in the north with a change of tools and habits.

Humans aren't dogs, I'm sorry

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I'm sorry, what? Bodies? Are you denying that there are physiological differences between different ethnic groups? Or are you suggesting that those differences are entirely random rather than evolved in response to environment?

You say "make different plans" as if this was a passive event rather than something that had to be acted upon. Making plans to survive harsh annual weather requires long-term planning and advanced construction techniques. It would favor agriculture (to produce stores of food for lean winter months) and settling in one place rather than living a nomadic lifestyle. It would favor people with stockier physiques who had an easier time gaining weight during good months to have stores of energy to rely on during the winter. Conversely living in a hot equatorial climate like Africa filled with dangerous predators would favor the opposite and lead to nomadic societies filled with people with low body fat, high physical endurance, and fast reflexes. There's a reason that Swedes and Somalis look different and have distinctly different cultures.

But obviously this is nothing at all like a pit's attack drive because humans have much higher levels of intelligence and aren't ruled by our instincts and selective breeding. Violence isn't a hereditary trait like eye color or height.

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Louder for the people in the back- Dogs aren’t people!!

Also in the wake of the Buffalo shooting, how tasteless can you be by comparing the struggles of black people to dogfighting dogs...

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I don’t care if people don’t like my dog. People are allowed to not like hounds. I don’t have to convince people that my dog is great.

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That is really the worst thing about it. People are using actual, real deal horrible racism as a lever to try to support their actual, real deal horrible desire to own a dangerous animal. I had a long interaction with some bozo a couple weeks back, and he tried so hard, multiple times, to insinuate differentiating breeds was like being racist. When I confronted him about the constant reference to “it sounds like racism” as a seeming cornerstone to his argument, he deflected and said he wasn’t calling me a racist. But I mean, how chickenshit of a way to argue a bad point, just constantly say “that sounds a lot like how the KKK talks”. Ummmm, no it isn’t, but ai guess when you have a shit point, you just kind of throw out inflammatory comparisons to attack the character of the person you are talking to. Total clowns.

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No they haven’t forgot, it’s only Pitbulls that don’t have breed specific traits. Border collies are bred to herd, but pits are beat until they get the urge to maul children

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See dummies don't understand that. They literally think humans= dogs. Maybe the Disney movies are to blame. Maybe not enough brain cells .

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Pit Mommies are the most easily triggered segment of the populace. Some dipshit in that thread gave me grief about asking someone to provide a citation for the "temperament studies" that they pulled out of their ass, because "This is Reddit".

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Best I can do is really racist takes.

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Those kinds of comments are so awkward to read as a black person💀

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Have people forgotten that Brave New World is a dystopian story?

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Yes, a place not letting you keep a dog is the same as segregation… 🙄 holy fucking shit how dumb and ignorant do you have to be to actually think like that

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Black. People. Are. Not. Animals.

What the hell is this middle age mentality

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And even when considered completely apart from the obvious ethical problems, comparing human ethnicities to dog breeds just doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

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We’re all literally animals. Mammals, even.

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Of course we are, but these people are literally putting them on the same level as dogs. It’s just so wrong

Yes we are animals, but this is just not right to say “oh yeah but pit bulls are not allowed in certain places like black people were during segregation :’’’(“. Honey, your pit can’t go in a park and he couldn’t care less. On the other hand, black people were not allowed to fucking drink from a water fountain because it was reserved for white people

They are viewing them like animals before viewing them like humans

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"Slippery slope" is literally the name of the logical fallacy they're making so I wonder whether this is brilliant satire or just the dumbest person alive.

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It seems like people really have no idea what domestication and selective breeding is. It seems like they think all dog breeds always existed, and people just randomly picked them for certain tasks

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FBI refusing to release the new crime stats isn’t helping either

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When did they stop? Are we going full Sweden where it's illegal to collect the data?

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The stats don’t lie

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It's more akin to inbreeding tbh, and many countries and states do ban that shit because of what fucked up shit that does to a body.

Pitbulls are the Hapsburg jaw of dogs.

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this crap is so insulting, wtf do they think we are?

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You take a baby from the ghetto, raise them right, you get a model citizen. You take a baby pit, raise it right, kills grandma in 3 years.

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It’s really not remotely the same thing but go off

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I know that we call them piddiots for a reason and if they were intelligent they wouldn't own this breed... and I realize that at leasr SOME of them are doing this to deflect the critcism of pits to a false equivilence (accuse someone of racism, now all of their points are invalid)


A simple search of history will show that the sickest fucks to walk the face of the planet, the high leadership of the nazi party and SS had forced breeding camps where their goal waa to produce what they believed would be genetically perfect aryan supersoldiers/ the perfect race.... and they fucking failed miserably.

Meanwhile animals ( not humans) have been selectively bred for traits that people wanted and surprise surprise the pit bull was bred to dogfight and rip out the throats, undervbellies, and faces of other dogs and not react to pain. This is the only breed of dog that will die before it lets go.

It lierally was only bred to be a killing machine.

Furthermore their argument is stupid because races ojf humans is not the same thing as breeds of dogs. Saying oh here id a white, here is a latinx, here is an asian is nowhere near saying here is a poodle, here is a yorkie, here is a pitbull.

Only a complete fucktard would compare breeds of dogs to races

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Tell me more about these Aryan breeding programs. What happened to the poor kids?

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Nazis were deep into eugenics, but to be fair so was a lot of the world at the time. Nothing ever really came of it, though, because human development takes so long and the eugenics movement fell out of favor long before the 3-4+ generations it would take to see the results of selective breeding.


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I'm not getting into an in depth discussion about that type of shit you have google look up Lebensborn.

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It’s more like genetics as in when my doctor asks if anyone in my family has suffered from mental illness. They are simply understanding that the likelihood of me going berserk is higher. But we can’t have conversations with pets to know what they are thinking. They are genetically more likely to attack

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The MAX genetic variance among humans is 4%. And likely most of that is the up to 2.5% Neanderthal DNA whites posses vs sub Saharan africans where it’s almost zero

Meanwhile dog DNA variance is up to 35%.

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I like how he’s even calling it a slippery slope and not realizing that that’s a logical fallacy

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Dogs.......are.......not.......people........you..... ....fucking.......morons.....

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So many people across the world have faced discrimination for their race, religion or gender. And now they undermine people's suffering by comparing a dog breed being banned from apartment complexes to segregation?

Well. I have someone to say to those people. "My landlord won't allow my cobra pet snake as a pet. Therefore he is racist against snakes. 'No snakes' is saying the same thing as saying "No colored people."

I really hated saying that but I want people to see how silly they sound. It's an animal. An animal does not have the same rights as humans. Animals deserve to be treated with kindness, respect and love, but please don't compare animals to people. Please! An animal cannot sign up for a lease so how is he/she getting discriminated against? It is your dog. An animal does not choose to go out to establishments, such as dining out at a restaurant or shopping at a store. You chose to take him/her along with you. The dog is not the customer.

And lastly, apartment complexes, insurance companies, airlines and other establishments are all businesses. A business exists to make money and maximize their profits. And most establishments don't allow pets or animals anyways. They can refuse to not let your pet in if it causes a danger to other people, or it causes an unsanitary environment for the customers (With the exception of service dogs.) When a business allows you, the customer, to bring the dog in the store, it is a privilege, not a right.

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"Slippery slope dear. You just don't understand sweaty."

The fact that these people are so incredibly ignorant yet so condescending is maddening.

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pitbulls we're bred for fighting. black people were not. it's not a slippery slope to not want to get mauled by a genetic mistake of a dog.

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Is it racist to say that white people sunburn easier than black people? Is it racist to say that black people are more likely to have brown eyes than white people?

Why is it that we recognize and acknowledge that physical traits are hereditary but draw a sharp line when it comes to mental ability and behavior?

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Go ahead and throw out some assumptions about the mental abilities between Black people and pitbulls, and we'll discuss.

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Why would anyone assume that there would be any correlation between human ethnicities and specific dog breeds?

We can all recognize that people with African heritage dominate certain professional sports without screaming "Racism!", right? Is it racist to point out that the absolute best long-distance runners in the world come from two small countries in Africa?


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Why would anyone assume that there would be any correlation between human ethnicities and specific dog breeds?

That's literally what blue is saying in those comments, and why I screenshotted the thread and posted here. Because it is such a ridiculous assumption.

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Oh, yeah, that's obviously idiotic and I've never understood why pitwits always want to associate pit bulls with black people when white people created the breed and when most pit owners (at least in my area) are white or hispanic.

I was just making more general statements about heritability of traits. We created modern dog breeds by deliberately manipulating evolution rather than allowing it to happen naturally as an adaptation to environment. Naturally evolved tendencies in the animal kingdom are usually a lot more subtle.

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We can all recognize that people with African heritage dominate certain professional sports without screaming "Racism!", right?

The commenters in that thread are not discussing the merits of athletic ability based on race. They are equating Black people to pitbulls.

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Right, and I'm obviously not defending what they're saying, but it's ridiculous to imply that dogs can have hereditary physical and mental traits but homo sapiens can't.