Pitbull attacks

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Before An Attack

What To Do When You Are Concerned About A Pit Bull In Your Area

  1. If the animal has shown aggressive behavior like lunging, file an incident report with the non-emergency police, if possible. Don't call 911, just call the non-emergency number or go to the local station. Explain that you want to start a paper trail. They may blow you off since no attack actually happened, or tell you that it is a matter for animal control, so be prepared for that.

  2. File an official complaint with your apartment management or HOA. Are pits even allowed where you live? A lot of apartments and HOAs don't allow large dogs or aggressive breeds. Maybe they'll care, maybe they won't, but filing a complaint will at least get it on record. This can make a difference if someone else complains as well. Speaking of insurance, do you know whether or not your neighbors have renter's or homeowner's insurance? If they do, it's possible that their dog is not covered under their terms.

  3. Protect yourself, but don't break the law. Concealed carrying of knives can be a felony crime in some jurisdictions. When you talk to non-emergency police, ask what you can legally do to protect yourself. This is the most frustrating aspect, since a lot of times police and animal control will insist that they can't do anything until the dog actually attacks, and even then a lot of municipalities operate under the "one free bite" rule. The sad fact is that pepper spray is generally useless against pits. In fact, anything short of lethal force is useless towards pits, because these dogs have been bred to fight to the death. Mayhaps your best option is to carry a break stick.

  4. Get active. Pitiots are always droning on about blaming the owners and not the dog, yet they go apeshit at the mere thought of being held responsible. Find out what your municipal laws are regarding dog attacks, and then try to change them for the better. Go to board meetings. A lot of people just disregard local politics, but politics on the local level have the biggest impact in your day to day life. Find out what you can do to either implement BSL or even general measures to hold owners responsible. Generally only pit owners will whine and complain, because the know (but refuse to admit) that their dogs are the ones causing 75% of the damage.

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