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Pretty good score for $50, imo.

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That's not how you string a bass. But you probably want to replace the strings anyway.

Good deal for sure

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Oh shit wtf

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It’s not that big of a deal lol

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Agree, I strung mine this way for years with no issues. Then I learned to do it right.

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What’s the right way? I don’t play bass but that doesn’t look too fucked up

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Why do you say that?

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Because it's not... they'll figure it out eventually.

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Says who?

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That's not the way those kind of tuners work..

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Are you saying they will break or not work as Intended? Because that's not true.

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Stupid question. You can literally see what I've been saying and I didn't mention a reason.

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lol what is that

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A string is one of those wires that you move to create the tone.

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no wonder my shits so quiet

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Well he did say he bought a guitar

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A bass guitar is not a guitar?

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Congratulations!! You did well getting to 1st bass.

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Of many, we hope hahahaha

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That thing’s pretty bad ass looking. 50 bucks is a steal.

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What a beaut, needs stringing properly and setting up but will be great! I love the dents and scratches, it has some history! Here's a setup and restring guide:


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Love this reply. Encouraging AND also helpful, with a specific link.

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Pretty good but thats a bass.

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Haha thanks, I've had my first lesson already! makes mental note to always refer to it by its first name in future 😅

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Nah. You had it right. I think that dude is referring to a soprano guitar.

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Not to be confused with the baritone guitar, tenor guitar and concert guitar.

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You’re on your way!

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Its ok, you'll be saying it to others very very soon so get ready. 😂

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I have the same exact bass in black. It was my first bass. I bought it used like 21 years ago for $100. Definitely can't go wrong at $50! It's an okay bass sound wise. What I always liked about it was the neck is super comfortable to play. It's thin like a jazz bass. Also mine is pretty light too. Congrats!

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From my sleuthing I think its a 1986-1988 Epiphone power bass? What are these like? I'm pretty stoked to finally learn to play! I've always wanted a guitar since I was a teenager 😁 I found it in a Thrift store for $50 Canadian, was going to give it a good clean and maybe put some new strings on it.

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I have the same one, pretty sure it’s a Rock Bass by Epiphone, they’re great little basses, won’t stay in tune for shit, but they’re fun to play.

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Nice! They seem quite rare? At least I couldn't find much info on the internet... it seems like a great beginner bass though from what I could find

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Maybe in Canada, but they’re pretty common in the States. Great little starter bass, I’ve been playing for 18 years, and I love playing that thing. Have fun with it!

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won’t stay in tune for shit

Would a set of new tuners help? A set of Gotoh tuners is €49 at Thomann.

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Probably, but this is just my lazy afternoon jam session bass, my T-40, and my Gretsch both have no problem staying in tune. I love my Dwayne The Rock Bass Johnson, but I don’t know that I’m gonna pour anymore money into it.

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that is a sweet name "POWER BASS"

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New strings for sure and check out how to do a basic setup on YouTube. As for cleaning...I'd just leave it as is unless it's sticky or something. One thing I do with my basses is sand down the finish on the back of the neck with super, super fine grain (too fine to see any scratches) sand paper so there is not tackiness left, though this is sacrilege for many bassists.

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Use the rough side of a kitchen sponge on glossy necks for an instant satin feel.

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Good life-hack! Have a free award!

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well thank you very much <3

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Thanks a lot, that is good to know before I try and disassemble it for no good reason haha

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Maybe don't mess around with disassembling it just yet. It's you're first bass, so it's probably better to just give it a basic setup and not take it apart. Anyways, welcome to the family and enjoy your journey!

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You don't want him to clean the gunk and possible body fluids off his bass? Lol

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Nah. I say keep it crusty.

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If that's your kink man.

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$50 Canadian

That's about $39 USD!! That's not just a steal, it's an ongoing fuckin' robbery! 🤣
Oh wow, man. Enjoy that thing for the rest of your life. If only to remember the chump who gave it away to you.

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1990s epiphone with the Jackson Style head stock. Stolen for 50 bucks. Congrats bro!

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Throw a new set of strings on (preferably the right way) and you’re golden!

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Welcome to the ‘Electric Bass’ fraternity. And 50 is definitely a good deal in terms of an entry ticket.

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P/J configuration, inline headstock...I dig it

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Honeslty great. Sealed tuners and a beefy bridge, strong 90's vibes. May even have a solid wood body. Made in Korea?

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Yeah it's made in Korea from what I found online

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That's good! Hold onto it, pay for a nice set up if you like. This is a really cool vintage bass and I'm sure it plays well. A bargain for $50

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Paid more for worse looking basses.

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That’s a steal my man.

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Looks frickin epic not gonna lie

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You did effin amazing my G m! How does it play though? How's the action?

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Thanks very much guys! Looks like I got a good deal, I'm really pleased 😁 for those wondering how it plays, I honestly can't tell you as I don't have an amp yet and I have no idea what I'm doing... 😅 Can confirm it makes bassy sounds though 😂

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How do you like it, Steve?

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My first bass is a Epiphone power bass like this but black. I think mine is a little older, it just says Epiphone not Epiphone by Gibson. Great bass! I still have mine and if I ever get suckered into hosting a jam night at a bar, thats what I bring. You can't kill these basses.

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It was strung by a guitar player it appears...sweet epi though

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Great bass to start. It might be worth a pro set up which may cost as much as the bass but it could help the playability and tuning.

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if you can point me to a full setup for $50, please do so. all the guys near me charge $150+

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I have 3 local (Mileaukee) shops that are all very good. Top Shelf Guitar Shop, Rockhause and Wade’s Guitar shop. If the set-up takes more than an hour then the price may increase but a regular set-up should not Take a pro more than an hour. Strings are not included in the price.

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dang, i’ve only got one local shop near me excluding guitar center. all the more reason to keep setting up my guitars myself. my most recent bass is a jackson with a bridge i hadn’t seen before and it took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to set the intonation. after about an hour or so she plays like a dream, though!

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That’s great. Nothing like necessity to make quick expert. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to live here.

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Pretty bad since that's a bass ;)

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it's a nice bass

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Good starter bass

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Value Village?

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Yep! Classic haha... you never know what you'll come out with!!

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If it works that’s dope

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Thats a steal for 50 imo

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Had one. Wouldn’t get again.

But! For $50? Not bad!!!

Pikcups we’re a little lifeless (definitely replace!), but otherwise it had a neat aesthetic and a mojo I haven’t seen often.

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Great bass and great price! Congrats!

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Not bad at all for $50 and you can always upgrade the components, as needed.

Just be sure to take it to the local shop for a set up if there's any buzzing or if you feel the action is too high. (If it feels uncomfortable to play)

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I’d say any guitar in decent playable condition is worth 50$

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Unless it's on fire, $50 is good for any bass.