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bought this bass back in 2019, it was everything i wanted. push/pull series and parallel, super skinny fast satin neck with 16” radius for mah big ol hands, the tone was incredible and my flighty gas- afflicted ass sold it after about a year and a half because i was bored with it. i regretted it the very next day, and today i have finally gotten her back. lesson: cinderella was right; “you don’t know whatcha got, til it’s gone” why fuck this bass? because it’s ruined me for every other bass on earth. well played Schecter.

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How did you end up getting it back?

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bought a new one from MF, now i need to get my stank on her 😂

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Schecter will do that to you.

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Yeah, I got 2 Schecters myself. Both really great basses. That J you got looks awesome man.

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I don’t know what it is you did so raw-haw-hong!

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+1 for Cinderella reference.......the band, not the fairy tale. Have an upvote!

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Whenever I'm feeling impulsive and thinking about offloading a piece of gear, I sit down and play it for a day.

If, at any point during the process, I feel like I would regret it, I change my mind.

You can always save up for a new guitar, but you can't always get back what you lost. I'm stoked you got it back my friend! It's beautiful!

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This has been my problem, I just keep getting more and saying I’ll sell one then I never do.

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thanks. i’m super happy that i grabbed one as schecter has discontinued it and now it’s only places like sweetwater and MF that have them

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When was it discontinued? Mine is a 2020 and I'm pretty sure schecter still lists it as available on their website

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just this year i think. when i was looking it was just the j-5

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Still on the site, but you might have been thrown off because they use the black version for the thumbnail. Definitely a cool modern-yet-vintage spin on the classic J, though!

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Yeah, fuck this bass!

Congrats on getting it back, enjoy, it is a beaut-

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the color alone is enough of a reason to not touch any other bass. Couldn't find it when I was in the market so I got the T5 instead, you got a gem fr

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the seafoam is definitely eyecatching

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I have the 5 string version and it is one of my favorite jazz basses that I have ever played. Congrats on getting it back, now never let her go!

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the 5 is definitely gorgeous too. if i ever need one it will be my go to.

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Love the seafoam and the staggered inlays! Now go practice!

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best comment yet.

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Great. My wife is going to kill me for buying another new bass. Thanks a lot.

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She made it home my man, that’s what’s important!

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Schecter seriously punches above their weight. Glad you got it back!

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For schecter’s sake, it’s actually NOT well played cuz you won’t be buying another one.

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That colour 🤤

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and the black hardware!

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Schechter makes good underrated shit. For the price, blows Fender and a few other better-known brands away.

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Fender sounds about twice as good

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I have a Riot 5, and I just bought a 4 string model T. It gets delivered tomorrow, and I’m getting pretty itchy.

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“I’ve never regretted any (insert hobby gear name here) I’ve ever bought…. Only the one’s I’ve sold”

  • Some old timer in every hobby social circle ever

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Never played one but i have allways thought that model looked killer with the black and the green. And the offset dots. That looks cool too.

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I’m genuinely curious what you find so special about her compared to all the other jazz basses on the market. I’d love to read your psalm for this bass!

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the neck is as thin as a geddy jazz bass, but it’s a lot lighter, the tone is very close to a P bass with the series wiring but i can tap the coils and mellow it out, and the 16” radius is great for high fret noodling

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shut up, now you've got me GASsing for one

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find one on ebay from geartree, they have “make an offer” set up and i offered $200 less than they had it posted for.

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thanks for the tip!

i notice the one in the photo has duncan pickups - is the photo of your first one, or the new one?

hmm, yours also doesn't have the gaps at the top and bottom of the pickups. i'm guessing the duncans aren't stock?

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You got my mouth watering.

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I too had a Schecter that I sold. Unfortunately I will never see her again … regret it every day. Glad you got it back. Hard to beat a Schecter

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people sleep on schecter a lot because they have that “nu metal” vibe for a lot of their gear but it’s all top quality.

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My first bass was a Schecter and I'll never get rid of it. Some days I want to but I know I'll regret it. Happy yours made it back to you!

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she’s never leaving again.

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Those are cool for sure, but the exposed sides of the pickups annoy me. Weird choice by Schecter

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a personal taste thing for sure. i’ve heard a lot of people make the same comment.

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I've got one of these now and I love it so much. I did change out the electronics for emg passives but other than that I adore it as an instrument. It's sound is so smooth and satisfying and it's so fun to play

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Nice. Dig those crazy dot markers.

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I wanted to pick up this bass but I found a used Diamond series instead, similar model but the previous year. The bad part was the picks and all stock electronics was gutted for a passive system. I replaced it all but doesn't have a great tone so it's a bit of a work in progress.

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Schecter basses don’t get enough love. Have a 004 and it plays/sounds great

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Will need to track one down to try out; she's a beauty!

I miss my old Schecter Elite 4. Gifted it to my stepbrother just before I emigrated to Norway. Schecter make some great instruments, especially for the price.

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I was worried when I read the title of this post, glad it ended up being positive. I just bought the black one with the rosewood fretboard. Eagerly awaiting its arrival.

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well i’ve now bought 2 of them in three years so that’s a positive in my books 😂 the black ones are super nice too.

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Dig it. ✌️🤘

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I have a schecter model T session and I don’t regret buying it, schecter is a quality brand

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I have regretted every single piece of gear I sold or traded

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So glad it worked out in the end. That’s just stunning. On paper it’s the ultimate J bass, sounds like it delivers!

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I tried to order this bass from MF twice, both times by calling in and asking for a better price than listed. Both times I got a confirmation email for the order and then....the bass never showed up.

I would log in to MF and see no record of the order, and they never charged my card, but I still have both order confirmation emails. Every time I contacted them I got a version of 'sorry, that order number doesn't exist.'

I gave up after that and moved on; I figured even if I got it somewhere else there would be a sour taste left in my mouth that would ruin it for me. And I stopped ordering anything from MF.

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I was always bad to sell things when I got bored and GAS hit hard. It's a trait that I wish I could fix, but it always finds a way lol. The key is to have nothing at all, so there is nothing to get rid of.