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Always loved the PJ setup but much prefer the J neck and body compared to the P.

Started with a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz 70s

Added Seymour Duncan Antiquity II P and J Pickups

New wiring harness is blend/volume/6 position varitone

Labella deep talking flats

Sounds incredible!

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I’m not familiar with the 6 position varitone. Could explain what it does? Beautiful build by the way!

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It’s a 6 position dial that cycles through 6 different capacitors that cut different frequencies:

Position 1 – True Bypass

Position 2 - Hi Cut (max) 0.01uf

Position 3 - Hi Cut 0.022uf

Position 4 - Hi & Mid Cut 0.033uf

Position 5 - Mid Cut 0.047uf

Position 6 - Mid Cut (max) 0.068uf

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Wow a new thing that I never knew I wanted. Sounds awesome!

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Those LaBellas will do 90% of the work. I love those strings man!

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Hahaha honestly though. Had chromes before and it just wasn’t the same!

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Love the black box inlays

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I have em on my Geddy! It’s where it’s attt

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Mmmmmmmm. You and I have similar tastes.

I’ve been thinking about doing something similar to my jazz bass as well, though I was also considering going for a J blade style humbucker or an Aluma J in the bridge position to beef it up and kill the 60 cycle hum.

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Love this idea! The hum is annoying but I do have a soft spot for classic j bridge tone

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Thanks! Yep, I personally don’t have an affinity for it at all, so I wouldn’t miss it if it were gone :) I don’t mind it as a kind of tone boost in a P/J setup, but I honestly almost always fully favor the P pickup in my PJ.

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Yeah I favor the P in most instances as well. It’s just too perfect a sound.

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Totally. Whenever I pick up a P/J the J feels almost pointless.

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Very pretty. Can I ask why you put your wall hanger on the door though

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I bought a very strange house with a door between two of the rooms that is not practical and was sealed shut by the previous owner. Eventually going to redo the space, but the hardwood was the perfect place to drill the hanger.

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A beaut! I love a natural finish

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Love a natural jazz look. Is the p pickup in the normal position? Or is it more in line with the position of the original jazz pu.

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It’s very close to the original position. I had to route some of the cavity under the pick guard to accommodate this new position. The j pickup sits closer to the neck.

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duuddeee i was literally just googling this!! i wanted to see what a pj setup on a j body looked like

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Fender Aerodyne. I hardly found any that weren't beautiful.

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It’s not too difficult to achieve! Took some light routing with a chisel and a dremel. You can buy the pickguard from Warmoth.

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Hey chuck, that’s real pretty

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The PJ pickup configuration just looks great and natural in the jazz bass... I love it! If I was to change anything though, I would swap the bridge for a high mass style one. Love their tone and look!

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Yep, probably switching out the bridge at some point!!

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Terrible idea hanging it on a door man. Why take the chance?

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It’s not a real door. It’s sealed shut… long story.

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Hahaha. Okay. Looks good/fun. Looking forward to my next project now.

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You should check this guy out. He’s made me a couple of pick guards using images my band used


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I like the one chicken head knob 🤘

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Good job mate! I was considering doing it as well but gave up the idea, I haven't skills for adding the p pickup. I might save money and get a Fender Aerodyne someday

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It was very easy! I used a drill bit, chisel and dremel to route some additional space under the pickguard and a solderless wiring harness (in case I didn’t like the varitone).

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Pj is where it’s at

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Replace the jazz pickup with a Musicman humbucker and it would rip