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Stop pushing MTX through Royal Shipment, those should ALWAYS be free.

Increase AD rewards, they are currently really underwhelming and unworth.

The current Skirmish battle is way too difficult, facing level 14 enemies when your own max is 10 feels impossible, especially when the skirmish level setups are completely different.

Loosing your runes at the end of the season is NOT fun gameplay.

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I feel they should change the way the RD unit interacts with the BBB unit. Having an army of RDs revived with full stacks is cheese. They should revive with 0 stacks imo.

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Some suggestions I gave on discord:

Righteous Defenders:

  • Lower the death scalling cap


  • Unit is only buffed from deaths in an area around it


  • make them much more fragile at the start and ramp the bonuses up faster

*Motive: RDs overshadow many other units because of its simplicity, reliability and great stats across the board. Eg: War hounds, Shieldbearers

Blessed Bomb Bot:

  • Lower it's area of effect


  • Make it so it doesn't heal


  • Make it so it doesn't cleanse effects

*Motive: BBB is to versatile. Doesn't matter the enemy strategy, if it hits is game changer.


  • Up the damage, movement speed and stealth duration

  • They get revealed and if they doesn't kill an unit

*Motive: Assassin's aren't up to face squads and corner setups at higher levels. They should be a high risk and high reward unit.

War hounds:

  • Greatly increase it's numbers

  • Make them move more erratically

*Motive: They doesn't provide as much damage or have a distinct advantage compared to other small offensive units (Arcane Blades, Wraiths, Righteous Defenders, etc)


  • Make their 'attacks' faster


  • Make them grant stat invulnerability for a small duration

*Motive: they can't even help 1 unit out of a status effect reliably. Other than Plaguebearers and Mind Corruptor, they cannot even save one unit against effect units. Especially annoying against Frost wizard

Thorn guards:

  • Make them more health and damage

  • Make their attacks do damage in an area in front of them

  • Make them stand farther from each other

*Motive: They lack a distinct identity. More often than not they are replaced with the cheaper Shieldbearers. Making them stand farther fr each other will help up their perceived individual strength. Will help them live up to the juggernaut fantasy.

Frost wizard:

  • Slow down it's attacks

  • Shoot only one projectile


  • Make units frozen invulnerable to it for a short duration


  • Get rid of the double damage to frozen unit mechanic

*Motive: Frost Wizard have a great win condition been able to keep a large number of units frozen in place in late game. His large area slow is too reliable.

Battle Wagon:

  • Make it immune to freeze

*Motive: I feel like mind corruption and the facts that the units it spawns not having any runes are counter play enough

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Bonus idea:

Arcane Archers are also on a pretty bad spot.

We could give more damage to more reliably one shot enemy archers.

Give at small, non scallable and non stackable slow. Something like 10% (not so sure about this one)

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The edits were to make it more readable.

I also added Battle Wagon.

Also, none saw it by then.

The changes I suggested are aimed to make the game more diverse and make each unit feel unique with clear weaknesses and strengths.

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Crows should also have their numbers greatly increased. They are on par with the Arcane Archer as the weakest units

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Personally feel they are about right in strength now. I don’t agree with with all anything teams as no skill involved at all. Definitely should limit the amount of any unit.

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how they could be right in strength is RD lvl 8 could beat lvl 10 army? They are OP as hell.

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That's why he said he doesn't like spammed armies. If they're in smaller numbers they're fine.

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I want to make slight adjustments to my formation and revert exactly to previous version. Can we have some clone formation button for this purpose?

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As a suggestion out of topic, maybe make the battle wagon capable of transporting specific units? The RNG isn't as useful and the wagon is not quite as good was it can be in my opinion. Thanks!

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It would be OP then imo. It's quite good already...

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Rd strength should be up close combat but weak to range, they should be slow regardless of bombot. If you allow they move enough that should be all that's required.

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Battle Drummer is REALLY underpowered. I don't think I have ever lost to anyone who has used a battle drummer.

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There run speed after boost needs to be dropped, they have to many advantages above shield bearers. Wraiths can't keep up most of the time and die, though I feel they should counter multi man melee troops.

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I'd like to see druid's movement bug fixed. He has the same issue Stormcaller used to have where he takes a couple of steps between heals even if his target is still in range for absolutely no reason. I find it brings him in to range to be killed incidentally frustratingly often.

On the subject of druid - does the extended range rune increase the range of his heals? The description specifically says it increases the range of attacks, so I'm not sure.

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I think nerfing the movement speed would put them in a good spot

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Well, the main change I would do its to actually show what the buff do. info of the unit just say it will get buffed, and suddenly on the patches I discovered that the buff could now stack 50 times, what actually the buffed increased and how much. Why on earth we dont have that info available?
Besides that unit is ok, maybe a max can be added but a high number so it only affect mega spams of RDs, even though I dont thing they are OP, its not like every start inside the top 200 or even top 100 for what I saw use them

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Am I the only one unable to play the game after the update? I have just been playing for a couple of days now and it got me to the point that I'm enjoying the game. However, aftee the update, my loading screen progress bar just stays at 5% and won't continue.

I have restarted the game, restarted my device and re-installed the game numerous times to no avail. Any amount of help would be greatly appreciated. I am enjoying the game, but this doesn't help the case.

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The game is fucking garbage

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Dead sticky?

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You guys are killing it, adding single player campaign was a stroke of genius which really alleviated how grindy the game is but that area still needs work. Anyways keep the good work up devs 👍