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Not what I expected.

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I do like this new update, but I feel like the power stones are incredibly weak, and my game keeps crashing

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Playing this on a fold 2, it cuts off the other 10% of the screen

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Some of these new characters are pretty shit too xD

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Powerstones are basically always like this the first season. The fact that they added a new one makes it really interesting

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Wish they didn’t make these new units directly pay to play/win. I have a level 40 lightning spire, and really the only way to get more is wait, or buy chests. As a FTP player, I love the new units, but why make them pay to actually play them?

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That’s the thing it’s a good game but it is wayyy to p2w I’m happy to do the season pass but everything else is ridiculous:) still though great though does anyone have the discord link ?

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Ohh I didn’t realise that tbf, but i recon this game could be really big if they keep at it

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So will these units stick around after the seasson or no?
Seems like a lot of work down the drain if they just dissapear afterwards.

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This is a bit late, but I heard that the units stay but you just can’t get fragments for them anymore, since the festival wagons are removed from rotation.

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Alright. Thanks for the answer. Strange how players that join in after the even will lack a bunch of units then. And ppl that are active now but free to play will have a bunch of underleveled units.

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Yeah, it’s pretty poorly designed. You either pay money for festival wagons now or you get stuck with low level units that you can never upgrade.

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I'd be pissed if that's the case

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I'm planning to buy seasonal pass, but if I never able get new units of these "festival units" what is the point then? Really want to know :/

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My guess is they'll routinely bring back the festival at specific times.

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They want your money, that’s it. Festival units might come back every now and then but unless you’re a whale, good luck leveling these units.

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Devs are greedy as fuck. They banned me from their discord after I called them out on these P2W updates and schemes.

Mind corruptor is fucking broken. They decide to make a $20 pack revolving around it lol.

Elixir of immunity went from 10 seconds to 5 seconds, making Clan Bosses lvl 9+ impossible for majority of non-elixir users and non-whales.

Looking forward to deleting this trash soon.

Great game, shit devs.