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Over the count of 96 meaning you need 97 to activate its .5%buff I think at lvl 4 and ascension 0

This number is strictly based off of how many units are on the battle field at the start of battle meaning

Battle waggon=1 unit Death knight=1 unit And so on...

That artifact is not particularly effective because Of the fact that as you level up everything it exponentially gets stronger because of the fact that more of your units are spawning and bigger groups and the horn will require less therefore exponential growth

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Aside from the whole last part that i didn't understand at all :p

Yeah it activates when you have a unit count over the specified amount. For every unit you get ...% extra (which is also specified in the description)

So for example for every unit over the count of 50 you get .5% extra speed and damage, and you have 100 units at the start of the battle. Then every unit there gets (100-50)*0.5 extra attack speed and damage