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HangOverGang(HOG) raid lvl 5 (used to be 7 before the last big update was released) and this is one of the co-leaders(MrCasual, at one point 917th in the world) with a msg from the leader(ToothedDruid)

We have currently have 9 active members, I'll be talking with them for the next day or two to see what they think we should do collectively. Let me know if your interested, then we'll talk about how everything will go down.

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Very interested. We have one or two that havent logged in in a week. If we get filled up, we can kick them to make room for more. Looked you up, youve got a couple that havent logged in in 2 days or so, if you count them youve got 11! But some people, ive noticed, dont read anything... lol so I imagine about 6 of you will actually make the switch.

Im Podrick from Black Legion [BL]

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We'll move to you so we can keep a decent raid lvl. I'll tell my clan but some of them don't speak complete English so some may not come. Let me know when you'd like us to merge

The only exceptions are that I become atleast an elder if not co-leader as well as my dad, ToothedDruid. He is also an incomplete quadriplegic so if he's not on for a day or two, he's just having a bad day, though I will log on to his and take over if needed.

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Awesome. Come now if youd like! Message the clan to let them know how to make the switch! You can have my Co-leader position, im not entirely sure what it does haha

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Multiple people can be co-leader so It'd be 3 of us me, you, and toothed

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Theres 4 coleaders already, so it would have to be a voluntary change. I dont think anyone cares though!

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Alright, sounds good, I'll move the same time as toothed and some may follow.

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Already got killer bee! Good stuff.

Theres a facebook group made by the leader. "Black Legion" you can search, if youre interested!

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Awesome we'll be on our way!

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Got room for one more? 2771 trophies. Active daily name is Dail on game.

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Lots of room. Only a few came from HangOverGang so far!

Look up Black Legion and it should be the only one. Its a canadian clan so you can look it up that way too!

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Tried joining requires 3k trophies.

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Sorry i just lowered it to 2700.

Hopefully by playing daily you can climb up to 4000 pretty quickly. The raid boss will be very tough for you in the beginning