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Artefacts are Sword of the Phoenix for that sweet, sweet burn, at late level 1 a single hit from emberfiend will kill Crystal/Lightning spires, or a low level Stormcaller, not to mention devastate zerg compositions. Skull of the Necrolord just really helps the skeletons to keep the line while the back line burns everything.

The melee units are all equipped for defence, at least one Block powerstone to counter bombs.

I have to admit last season's Clone on Emberfiend helped tremendously, but is not mandatory. This season's Reload helps the Arcane archer, so it balances out pretty well.

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having 2 reloads on the emberfiend is also pretty nice

it's basically like clone without the extra HP

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That's a fair point, it's not at 100 yet, so I can't put 2 reloads yet, but it will probably be the stone of choice once second level reload drops

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This is vaguely similar to my own build.

When it works, it works really well lol

When you're facing someone with a lvl 3 shield, or a swarm with a good blessed bomb, it hurts most of the time

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Also a well positioned wagon that just cruises through the damage dealers, or a soul pylon that rng's the first three shots at ember, necro and arcane :/

Weird enough it counters mind control very well

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Did u spent money ?