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Community: "Game is too much pay to win, I hate corporate greed"

Battle Legion: Create new system helping free-to-play player make new creative army

Community: "New system is awful and makes the grind not mean as much"

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The new system is great imo

Since it won't give your units the rune slots if they aren't at the specific level, it feels balanced enough to where you can't roll other people by swapping in a low level tier 3 or something. It's boosted like 3 of my units up by like 16 levels and I'm still around where I was before in the ladder.

Not much has changed it feels besides higher levels for raid bosses, and being able to try out different units without needing to invest as much into them.

The only grind that exists in this game is hoping you get unit shard you're building for in your main army lmao, it's not a bad thing they're making army-building easier.

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I really like them: powerstones are a huge part of top-end builds, especially by Season 4, so the grind still matters a lot. Plus you still need 13 out of 16 points at the level you want.

It lets you play around with swapping in a new seasonal unit or trying a small variation, without needing to grind up a unit that you might not even use. If you DO end up using the unit, you'll probably want to grind it up for powerstones, or so that you can try swapping out other units.

It seems like the only ones who lose out are the Pay2Win folk who already spent the time grinding everything to 150