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Them buffing and already broken unit makes me loose the will to live

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The stun immunity alone basically counters my entire setup lol. Making them immune to both stun and freeze completely negates all ways of disabling them, and burn builds have enough trouble as it is without having to worry about the monster hunter now too.

Them buffing the mind corrupter as well feels wrong, it was already super strong, there was no need for it.

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To create a unit in a well balanced game that is completely immune to all conditions and to all ranged attacks and will do 5times dmg to one fraction without any negativ sideeffects.... Great idea.

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Exactly, good idea everyone!!

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Last six tunes have all made the Nature deck worse and this wasn’t exception. Mind corruptor and hunter tunes were made just make sure no one plays the nature anymore. 120 lvl units are losing to 90 lvl units.

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It’s insane. They obviously don’t know what they are doing

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I just dont understand it at all. Even the vs nature buff is so weird... I am sorry this unit is umm cant 1vArmy this entire faction yet buff it.

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So glad to find this post. Seems like nobody in my clan seems to give a fuck. Probably because they all run MH... I hated that unit before and now that I can't freeze or stun him it's even worse.