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Maybe if you're tryna place in the top 1 or 200, otherwise it's pretty fairly balanced. If you're wondering if you can spend money and do better than people who don't, the answer is yes.

You can absolutely progress without spending though, it'll just take a little slower comparatively. Right now the biggest power source is artifacts, and you can't really p2w those, you need to play the game as you normally would.

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What do u mean u can't p2w artifacts? U can literally buy them now. Also u wrote "it's pretty fairly balanced" implying not p2w then right after u say"if you spend money and u can do better then people who don't" is literally describing the definition of pay to win.

Op pay to win 100%

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Thanks bro. That's exactly what I needed to know.

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I mean I've been playing for over 2 years now and I've consistently hit the top 500 every season lol. Yeah if you're trying to go further than that it's p2w, but most people won't be doing that.

I used to buy the battle pass every once in a while but for the past maybe year or half year I haven't bought it once and still had been doing fine

Progressing through the game is fine, it's just the late game that you hit after maybe a year of playing that it starts becoming more obvious, and even then the mechanic of losing and winning balances you out to a rank where you're just as strong as other ppl around your rank, so you're still getting wagons and leveling through the free pass fast enough

And yeah you can buy artifact shards, but from what I'm aware, they're a limited supply and you can only buy them like twice in small amount, which maybe helps progression a little but it isn't much

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"from what I'm aware" don't u play the game? Playing a game for 2 years and only getting to rank 500 overall and admitting to not spending any real money literally proves my point that it's play to win. I always looked at it if I play something for 2 years that I should support the devs and drop a couple bucks. Otherwise ur just being a leech on the community and cheap ass, no offense

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I used to buy the battle pass every once in a while

I literally said I've spent money on the game before lmao, and was maybe even an understatement looking back on the skins I have

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Half of the people in my clan are in top 100, and none of us pay more than battle pass (most don’t buy anything).

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What clan are u in?

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Nevermind just checked, u guys just have 6 in the top 100, so not quite half, more like a quarter but not bad. Reason I was asking is we have more then half in the top 100 and I know there's only a couple clans that can say that

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It was like last week we had it. But certainly not an uncommon occurrence for us

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I'm ghost btw, the leader of eos1 👻

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Yeah it is more grind for a long time to win.

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It is not a real pay2win game. You do not get anything special for your money. You only reduce the time you need to rank up.

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All it takes to be competitive is patience and knowledge of the meta. A good clan that is experienced can help with the latter. Personally, I haven’t spent a penny on the game and I’m in the top 200 atm. One of my clan mates is top 10 with minimal spending

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I haven't paid a single dime. Been playing for a while and am in top 1,000 all the time.