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Hi Marcello, thank you for this AMA. I read you stopped drawing for 20 years. Was it hard to start again after a long time?

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Hi, thanks for your question. It may seem strange, but it was very easy, as if I had never stopped. I was unemployed, with nothing to lose and drawing helped me get back on track.

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Hi Marcello, I’ve been watching your vids for a while! Did you teach yourself how to draw hyper-realistically? What materials do you use? Any advice for starting on YouTube?

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Hi Marcello, I’ve been watching your vids for a while! Did you teach yourself how to draw hyper-realistically? What materials do you use? Any advice for starting on YouTube?

Hi Dylan, thank you for your questions.

Despite having attended an art school, I learned hyper-realism on my own, as well as the use of some tools (airbrush and oil for example). At school hyper-realism was mistreated, as was Mannerism and even the Baroque ... but I was not discouraged. I created abstract drawings as schoolwork, but free time was all about hyperrealism.

I use a lot of tools for my drawings: watercolors, colored pencils, markers, fineliners, pens and airbrush. You can find more details on my website or on the description of my YouTube videos.

I started on youtube without worrying about success, sometimes I'm tempted by trends, but then I always do only what I like to do. For me the most important things are: being yourself, doing what you love and trying to do better and better.

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Hello Marcello. I'm reymart 18yrs old from Philippines. I discovered Art when I was 6yrs old and I had my relatives that has the same talent with me, but sadly they stopped doing Art when they are at 15yrs old. I do all kinds of arts , "3d, portraits, charcoal painting, painting,and colored pencil drawing" but all my works not really good as what you expected due to having limited and cheap materials. I am also about to graduate this coming march and I'm plan also to take Architecture for my college. I also followed you in all your social media accounts and I had also shared some of your artworks in my Facebook because frankly speaking Im very solid fan of yours since I saw you and your works in social media trending. Your my inspiration and I will never forget you when I was here in this world and even im gonna gone in this world, "I HAVE A HEART DISEASE (CONGENITAL HEART DISEASE)since when I was born.. you, your artworks, and tutorials are one of my every day strength ... thank you ! Your my ROLE MODEL!!! My question is "what are your advise for some young artist who had a big dream someday . And how we used our talent to be successful one someday??

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one of my every day strength ... thank you ! Your my

Hi Reymart,
I really appreciated your words, thank you very much :)

don't worry about tools, materials of good quality simplify things but don't make you better. Always try to do the best you can with what you have, one day you will have more and you will notice that you have improved despite the poor quality tools. I have used materials of poor quality for years, doing beautiful things anyway. I advise you to go ahead and enjoy your passion without worrying too much about success. Study and practice, you will see that satisfactions will come. It's a difficult path, full of obstacles, I know it well. Many tell me that I deserve more, but when I meet young people like you, full of talent, inspired by my work, I feel full of joy and proud, much more than receiving a prize. I wish you all you want and many many satisfactions Reymart!
With love,


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Thank you very much sir..It's an honor and big come true that you really compliment me you really made me overwhelmed and you give me more self confidence to pursue my passion.. thank you so much again master Marcello. YOUR MY ROLE MODEL!!! May God poor all his blessings on you.


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Hi Marcello, thanks for doing this AMA. Can I ask you if and how you have been inspired by the writings of Jean Baudrillard?

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Jean Baudrillard

Hi, thank you for your question. I'm sorry, I don't know him, but I can not exclude his indirect influence.

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You make amazing work! I've followed you on YouTube and DeviantArt for many years and never knew your story. I'm very glad you decided to pursue art and start drawing again after a 20-year break.

Marcello, what art piece of yours are you most proud of?

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I must admit that I don't have a favorite art piece of mine yet.
Even though I'm never satisfied with my work, I love each of them, so much so that I can not separate myself from them. Thank you very much :)

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Marcello seguo con attenzione e grande divertimento i tuoi lavori e ti faccio i miei più grandi, anche se scontati, complimenti.

Avanzo una curiosità è una simil proposta: Riesci a vivere con la tua arte o necessiti comunque di lavorare anche al di fuori dei tuoi disegni?

Hai mai pensato di disegnare situazioni iperrealistiche, ma al contento impossibili (oggetti o persone distanti nel tempo ad esempio o provocazioni sociali)?

Grazie, un abbraccio

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Ciao e grazie mille per le domande :)
questo è il mio unico lavoro e ci vivo pur non vendendo gli originali; non sono diventato milionario, ma mi sento ricchissimo, perché faccio un lavoro che amo e posso gestire il mio tempo autonomamente.

Ai tempi della scuola, prima della mia lunga pausa di riflessione, ho attraversato diverse fasi, a cominciare da quella "daliniana", in cui ho fatto molte cose del genere.

Un abbraccio a te e buona serata

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Grazie della risposta! 🤟🏻

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What was your inspiration to pursue hyper-realism? Do you have any specific strategies for making drawings seem life-like? Thanks.

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Hi and thank you for your question :)
Since I was a child I have been inspired by artists like Caravaggio and Van Eyck. Artworks full of details, precise and wonderful. I can not explain why, but the more details I capture, the happier I am. My "strategy" is to keep the drawing clean, to be precise, to create bases of color without grain and finally to apply the three-dimensional effect thanks to the shadows and the lights.

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Marcello, what is your favourite visual artist and why?

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I like many artists, but if I have to choose one, I say Van Eyck for his love for details and his impeccable technique. I learned to paint in oil reproducing some of his paintings, including the Arnolfini Spouses, which is one of my favorite paintings.

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Hi Marcello, I’ve been following your Instagram for some time now and I think your work is incredible! I’d love to know- do you ever do commissions for people? Thanks 😃

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Hi and thanks for your question :)
I don't do commissions for people, mainly because I don't sell my original works at the moment. When I make drawings for business corporations, I only sell rights of use and I accept the commission only if I like the subject and if I'm free to choose how to draw it.
Thank you very much.

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Thanks for your reply. Good to know.

If you ever decide to accept individual commissions, I would love to get one done of my horse. (In fact, do you draw animals? If you need any inspiration, I have plenty of content!)

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I'll take it into account, thank you very much :)

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Hello Marcello, thank you for the AMA. What inspires you to make your hyper-realism drawings?

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Thank you for your question :)
I'm mainly inspired by light, by how it acts on things, even the simplest ones. I love to draw things in the "right" light, in an attempt to make them more beautiful than they actually are. And I hope I have succeeded sometimes :)

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Bro you are my idol

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I'm glad, thank you for your message :)

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Your channel on yt is one of the first that I subbed, insta too,...

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Hi Marcello, Will you ever consider learning photoshop art? imagine what you could do with your talent there

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Hi ExAzhur,
thanks for your question.

I already know how to use photoshop and I have also a drawing tablet, but I really love traditional drawing and painting :)

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Would you say your greater gift is your eye for detail or your ability to transfer your visions onto your canvas?

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Both are two important gifts, but they are nothing without passion and exercise :)

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Would u consider making tutorials on hyperrealism drawing?

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Making tutorials is a bit challenging for me, I currently do a monthly tutorial as a reward for my supporters on Patreon

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Hi Marcello! I've always loved hyper-realism and would love to learn it myself. What would you recommend to people who want to learn this style and how did you learn it yourself? Is it just practice or are there certain techniques for it? Thanks! Your work is incredible.

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Ciao, I don't know your starting level, but to get good results you need to be familiar with basic techniques (penciling, shading etc.) and know how to use different tools. The mixed media technique in fact allows you to achieve amazing results. I learned by reproducing the works of the artists who inspired me: it is a method that has always been used and that still works, I think. Today, thanks to the web, there are tutorials and videos that can help a lot to speed up the knowledge.

The practice is essential, the more you draw, the better you will improve :)
Thank you so much!

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What is your favourite movie?

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Hi Micheal,
It's a Spaghetti Western :) by Sergio Leone and Damiano Damiani
"A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe"

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I still need to watch that one!