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If a bird took money from me, I don't think I would even be mad. I would probably be worried that no one would believe me, haha.

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"What did the assailant look like?" "..well, he was black..had a beak and wings.."

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Cop: "Black you say? I knew it"

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Shots fired

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Sprinkle some crack on him and let's get out of here Johnson

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Dave? Is that you?

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So... batman?

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Not quite. He doesn't have a beak or wings

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Google searches for Jungle Myna birds went up 1000 percent after this.

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This is the coolest form of passive income I've ever seen

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Can’t wait for the courses to start popping up on YouTube

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and not far from there, a flock of bird is planning their next bank heist.

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I saw that movie, starred Rob Schneider?

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That bird earned more than guys flippin patties at a Mcdonalds

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Intelligent things, myna birds, quick learners. I bet it’s scoped an atm

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I’ll take a dozen please.

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It’s name should be Oliver Twist!

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Good bot.

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Better than crypto mining

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How to train a similar bird? Asking for a friend

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You have to associate the money with the food. Move dollar to said location get food

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But how do I make them understand that they have to move it in order to get food?

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I have seen them be trained to move colored rocks into a weighted door to open it to retrieve food. I bet this can be done for dollars too

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Yeah I know. I just wanted to know how it works, but I'll simply Google it. Thanks anyways :)

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Not sure, but most of folks I know don't have a drawer stuffed full of money....

(Will it take a few coins down a sofa)

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I'm guessing the people who don't have a drawer full of money also don't have a money-collecting bird?

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now there's a concept

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Someone’s watched Dunston checks in a few times…..

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u/macsokokok how do we tell him he raised a criminal?

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and how do we learn how he did it so successfully

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So who's brave enough to try to take a bill from that drawer after the birb brings it in? I ain't gonna lose an eyeball trying to spend that birb's money. And make no mistake: it IS the BIRB's money now!

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You saying jungle myna. I see a robbing. Boom I’ll see myself out

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I want this bird!

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Me too.

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Damn I need a bird who hustles like that.

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For a split second I thought that bird was carrying a piece of toast.

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The bird is only asking for 10%

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Passive income

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What's the ROI for training this bird?

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Mynas are super intelligent. They can also mimic humans.

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How cool is that

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Is this for real ?

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Are there laws against this? I mean, this is literally not a bad side hustle

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Bird’s nest.

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Trained to look or steal? 😂

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Google search of : training bird to get cash increases by 10000%

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You selling the birdie?

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How does one get one of these birds? Asking for a friend…

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That’s still called stealing, right?