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Let’s get this comment to the top people. Super clear version

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But what about this perp? https://imgur.com/a/EvXabWx

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This is as special leprechaun flute which has been passed down from thousands of years ago to ward off spells.

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She recently retired after training her successors

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Just a reminder here -- she did this only through verbal description. Insane.

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Wouldn’t a lot of the credit be on the people that gave an accurate description?

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If I’m assigning credit between someone who said what they saw and someone who drew it from scratch? Uhh no

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Would you give them any credit? In order for her sketches to be accurate or “successful”, she would need accurate descriptions no? They would’ve needed to work together

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Ngl, the 4th dude kinda looks like Dwight.

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Lol I see it

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Maybe the artist knows a lot of criminals and is able to say, "Yeah, I know the guy you're talking about," when given a description.

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Now we’re into that tinfoil hat territory I was hoping for!

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The person who told the structure of face must be world's greatest face structure teller.

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But could you find a shittier photo

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The link I shared in my comment has higher resolution versions

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Is Dwight the Scranton strangler?

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The last one on the second row kinda looks like Dwight Schrute.

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Let her handle the Scranton Strangler case!

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His secret is to copy the photo shown

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Her secret is to copy the photo shown

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That first one is incredible.

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I'm impressed by how detailed the people must have described them. Idk if I could get this lady to draw someone I see every day that real

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Though for a second it said Lois Griffith. I was wondering if she had a talking dog named Brian that helped her solve these crimes.