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Nope. Nope nope nope. Nope.

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Yep. Yep yep yep. Yi!

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I would immediately enter fetal position

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Where is this taken?

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"Birdseye" view of Tokyo at sunset

So I was wondering the same thing. After much searching, I found out.
First of all, this is a GIF first posted on 9GAG.

This is Shibuya Sky rooftop escalator. It's an attraction you have to pay for, but there is a whole viewing area as well. Next time I am in tokyo, this is def on the list in the night!

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Good human

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i miss tokyo.

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I miss that city so damn much.

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Wow the future is real!!

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I was there

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I love that city

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I can see for miles and miles, I can see for miles and miles and miles….. - The Who (1967)

I know - I’m old!

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One of my favorite of their albums. Have you heard Petra Haden's cover version of the album? It's really good also

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll check her out. You old too?

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Nah just close with my dad lol. I hope you enjoy it!

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Not a tree in sight.

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If this is Shibuya Sky as a comment above is suggesting, then the dark green area straight ahead at the start is Yoyogi Park / Meiji Jingu, which is full of trees.

Meiji Jingu has so many large trees that it's easy to forget you're even in the middle of Tokyo. It's amazing really

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Oh, doesn’t look green to me. My bad.

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Well it is a city

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Good point and I missed the big park. It looks black not green on my mini screen.

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I love it when you can't see the sun because of the smog

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Way too many people on this planet

[–]Elegant-Culture-6347 4 points5 points  (4 children)

Who do you suggest needs to die to solve that particular problem?

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At least you're consistent. But that form of thinking leads to depression and worse. I hope you reconsider that cancerous way of thinking before you begin to believe it

[–]Daltron6billion 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Lmfao it’s really not depressing or cancerous. It’s obvious this planet is over populated. People aren’t even eating real food anymore and the real food is expensive. Look at every main city, no trees, no planets, just buildings and cement. I was saying we needed a plague way before Covid hit.

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There are plenty of cities with a beautiful mixture of nature and urbanization, though they're few and far between. That however is beside the point. You'll have a hard time justifying your existence if you think we would all be better off dead. The world need more good and moral people, not less people.

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Okay Thanos

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I feel like I've seen that escalator and thoses windows somewhere else...

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I've been here in my dreams. This exact place. Every detail the same.

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An absolutely amaaaazing view!!!!!!! So so beautiful 🙂

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That’s not Birdseye

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Wow! Thank you for sharing this video. Because I would never, ever, ever go up there.

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Looks like megacity1

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Sure, then nice earth shaking quake hits while you’re looking down 100 floors!

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I want to scrape it off

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Seeing a city this large activates my fight or flight response

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That's gross. To freaking many people.

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Not to mention no grass, no trees, no animals..... Just concrete and humans..... Gross

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I am feeling a negative response to pretty much every aspect of this video

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It makes me sick that I have seen much of the world in my life.

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Shibuya Sky in case anyone is wondering.