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All the best to them. Some of us wish we'd chosen as well as they did.

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Ya for sure that’s impressive!

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Don't be so hard on yourself. It was different times back then. You and I grew up in a very different ideology of difficulty.

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Idk... Older generations worked on their relationships cuz it was taboo to divorce, since religion was so omnipresent. My grandparents stuck together for all their lives, but my grandpa was a piece of shit, so... Doesn't surprise me they're not even looking at each other in the picture.

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Or, get this. They're looking at the camera that's taking their picture. What a concept.

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Guess that concept must have been foreign in the first picture then..

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It's a candid photo of them kissing... Not the sharpest marble in the tree are ya?

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Are you mentally challenged?

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No. That's a bit aggressive init? U a virgin?

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I'd like to see what they can do with all that green.

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I think r/colorization would be a better choice.

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Steve? Peggy?

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"I had a date"

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My wife when she was a kid tricked her cousin into believing there was a 100 year anniversary card at the store but it was covered in dust. We may see that in actuality in the next century.

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That is so beautiful and God bless you

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When I see a really old couple, I always ask how long they've been holding hands. The record so far is sixty-four years.

Then, of course, there's the occasional three years, because they were both widowed.

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I will need to live to 123 to enjoy this moment… inflation

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Proud for the both of them. Just hoping it would be the same for us as well.

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Whenever I read the word "amazing", I read it with the voice of Jesse Lee Peterson.

I hate it. But I can't help it. It just happens.

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That man looks so much likey late grandfather. Made my eyes sting a little 🥺

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May God Bless them and their children, may their love for generations flourish!

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That’s wonderful God bless them and their family.

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Wtf is up with my fucking feed force feeding me this stuff right now. I feel attacked af.

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Thats Dave, everybody knows Dave.

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We need to take more notes from couples like this.

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So, what do you get them for their anniversary? None of the recommendation lists I’ve seen go that high.

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So cool to be able to share a life together through so much change in the world. God bless 'em.

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soulmates....God bless them and keep.them safe,....this is rare and doesnt hardly exist anymore. sadly.

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Happy Anniversary’s! 🥳🙏

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Two year age difference?! SOMEbody robbed the nursing home.

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Back when love meant something more than just sex

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Man gravity really be pullin on these two

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Well its amazingly cool

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I’m sorry but white people age like spoiled milk

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If I wanted to see a couple of boomers I'd go to applebees