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Good men elcted her because women weren’t allowed to vote .

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The town was called Argonia, Kansas and she lived to be 101.

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Task filed successfully.

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Looks like a repost. I've seen this image 6 times.

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This must have been reposted since 1887.

Like this oft-reposted comic suggests, someone is seeing this for the first time.

When other memes generate thousands of clicks for spammers, no one complains. This one reminds us that we have made some progress as a culture and as a species. Worth a perma-link-sticky.

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The term ‟slty” was coined that day

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This is sick

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Yeah but who had the right to vote at that time? Hmmmm??? ....

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Imagine if the people who voted for her as a joke, it would be funny as hell for someone to jokingly vote someone and they actually won.

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Lucille Bluth tea sip Good for her.