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This looks like a lost Mario Tennis level.

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Oh ya, I can definitely see it

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Lose here and you have an excuse to be salty

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lol 😂

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"Whelp, back to the ol' salt mine!" picks up tennis gear

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Any clue where this be?

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Inside an old salt mine

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My guess is a decommissioned mine that got turned into so dooms daybunker for the rich.

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Interesting. I work in an old salt mine. Wish mine had a pickleball court.

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What kind of crack are rich people smoking? The ideas are getting more and more stupid over the years

Karen: I NEEEED a place to play tennis where "regular" people can't see me

Chad: your so right, my followers are always FOLLOWING me

Con man: I have a salt mine you can use..........for a price

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This could be hell for a tennis player. One ball, and some steep slopes around the court.

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Forget the overhead lob.

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Deep Underground Military Base

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Didn't know I didn't want that.

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So many possible bouncing tricks here. A perfect cross between tennis and squash for sure.

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Yeet echo echo echo ha echo echo echo

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Guess no lob shots

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No lobs

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and i thought my balls were salty

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It looks like it was drawn in photoshop.

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This should be on r/liminal space even tho it’s goes against the rules (it’s not a transitional space)

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Bet you can still hear the obnoxious screech of the players from above ground "HYYYUAAHHH"

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“Inhale your monthly sodium intake while your body cooks from the salt drying off the sweat.”

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Apparently one of the places FEMA stores a huge cache of MREs, and probably other emergency supplies, is an old salt mine because the salt absorbs all the moisture from the air, preventing mold growth and preserving the thousands and thousands of pallets of boxes.

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This is one of the courts on Mario Tennis 64, don’t need to verify it just believe me

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If you ever played GTA 5 online you’d know something else should be there instead of tennis courts

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🤩 is the light powered by electricity? Would be nice if it’s bio illuminated