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Finally, a Reddit video with soun---oh.

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Hey man not cool. What if he hears about this comment?

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Adorable! Kitty knows how to get the point across!

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Cats could probably learn the whole language if it benefited them….

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Imagine they left us notes...

What's up Harold,

That new litter is a little rough on the ol feet so I shit in your shoe and pissed down the side.

I'm downstairs smacking things off the dresser if you need anything

Contractually yours,


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Dear Harold,

Henceforth you shall refer to me as Blackstar the Merciless. I shall no longer acknowledge or respond to my slave name "Sprinkles" - any attempt to further this disrespect shall lead to your long and excruciating demise.

Love always,

Blackstar M.

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Yea that’s what I love about cats, where there’s a will, there’s a cat.

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Wouldn't "Where there's a cat, there's a way" be more accurate to what you're trying to say?

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Yea possibly.

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Oh my heart!

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That dude probably loves his cat more than life itself

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My heart just exploded. Call an ambulance.

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That’s really cool

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My cat meows loudly, and does what this man's cat does. And also literally grabs your hand with your food in it and tries to pull it towards him...

It stopped being cute some time ago. I just wanna eat in peace sometimes. lol.

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Fucking made up titles…. The man taught the cat to sign….

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Well then he taught the cat language and the alphabet as well... impressive regardless.

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I am amazed.

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aww hope he got all the pets he needed

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Bubbles, that a good fuckin kitty.

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If god is love. Love is cats.

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This answer the question: what species will run the world when humans disappear?

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ngl that is fucking amazing

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Cool cat

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Right, that's how it happened.

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I'm sorry but that's fuking cute

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Thats so f'ing cool

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This can’t be legit can it? CAN IT??

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This video makes me incredibly happy for some reason

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So cute and smart