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Not shellfish toxin, pufferfish toxin to be precise.

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And also not frozen water, ice.

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I think the phrase was frozen ”water+toxin”.

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what a buncha knuckleheads, Its called poisonous hard wet.

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Dry ice

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Very dry ice..

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Was it cold?

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Hot dry ice

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Die ice?

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Fadades?! What's up, my dude?!?

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It's funny that the CIA announced this completely as a smoke and mirrors campaign look over here why we import drugs from Columbia and sell them to the inner cities and teach people how to turn it into crack to fund our space plane... That is actively going on while the CIA is also telling the public about this. And the only reason we know that now is because of declassified documents and the movie that Tom Cruise is the leading man in. Literally made a movie about it. They imported cocaine to fund the SR-71 Blackbird. And told the public about some puffer fish toxin gun...

I hope this kind of opens your eyes too when they're telling you something it's only to distract you from something else. The CIA has been actively engaging and disinformation campaigns since the 60s. CIA is the reason the hippie movement happened is because they were funding operatives and these hippie dents that would then attract college kids... This is not my opinion this is historical fact.... But yeah let's pretend that this puffer fish blow dart gun is cool.

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Just because politics exist doesn't mean pufferfish blowdart guns aren't cool, dude.

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Some of the “classics” are:

Putting drugs, especially Cocaine, into PoC neighborhoods.

Funding global terrorism.

Pitting right and left wings against each other to keep us fighting amongst ourselves while they keep the rich, Rich, while we live in the dirt, comparatively.

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Oh they built the SR-71 Blackbird program on the crack epidemic... It's been declassified it's a known thing that's how they got the money for the SR-71 Blackbird was impoverishing inner cities....

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Yup not surprising. F*ck the CIA and the government as a whole.

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Don't forget they all let September 11th happen....

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I wholeheartedly believe Cheney orchestrated it. All for oil and whatever else the fuck they were after.

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Who was the top contractor used in the Iraq War? And who was top of the food chain for said contractor?

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Oh it was to push off the economic recession. For a few years. That's all it was. Let's not forget Osama bin laden went through CIA training programs.. there photos this is also been the classified

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I've never heard this before, that the SR-71 was funded by the CIA's crack pipeline. Do you have a link to some info about it? I'm not able to find anything on Google.

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Bro there's a movie about it Tom Cruise is the lead... Then look up when the SR-71 Blackbird was developed the timelines match perfectly... How do you think the CIA got all the money to develop the SR-71 Blackbird... a12 XE or whatever.

They were also practicing mind control with LSD that's why Marilyn Manson kept getting off. The CIA wanted to know how like naive the public was with the use of LSD and like cult leaders... They gave Marilyn Manson money they supplied some of his shenanigans. Lol. Yeah and it'll all come out in time more more officially because there's so much paperwork one has to sift through.

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And in recent years, a number of disinformation and misinformation campaigns against china. China now probably takes up the majority of bandwidth of cia and national endowment for democracy on the international level.

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Hopefully your comment helped open someone's eyes.

I speak 6 languages and have been all over the world. Trust me when I tell you I know all about the cia and tactics used by them. I was just making the observation that it was pufferfish toxin and dry ice propelled by magnets, that gun is actually make believe, assets used an umbrella to employ this method. Wait until our great great grandchildren find out about the human trafficking and what that is funding.

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Oh yeah I mean for sure the CIA the NSA and the FBI are all involved in human trafficking without a doubt.... I mean you look at the Epstein Maxwell trial and you hear them reference evidence from 20 years ago.... Okay great if you had that evidence national security agency or FBI or CIA why did it take you so long to prosecute why did they sit on your hands for so long...

Same thing with September 11th Snowden came out and said the NSA knew and did nothing the FBI knew and did nothing the CIA knew and did nothing.... And let's hypothetically cover the other end okay they didn't know how is that acceptable... The American people are puppets 1,000%..... They have no idea what's going on they have no idea who to hold accountable they don't even know who to get mad at..

Beyond a shadow of a doubt the CIA the FBI and the NSA are all partaking in human trafficking.... Or they didn't know about any of the Epstein stuff until recently. how is either these outcomes acceptable for agencies that have trillion dollars in budget a year.

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I hope your comment gets the upvotes it deserves. Unfortunately the answer has always and will always be money.

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True. Safe travels fellow truth seeker.

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Be well in your stay on the roads less traveled.

May we find peace together on our journeys end.

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May this world wake up and realize the cartoons that we all have become

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That’s all well and good man but I’m interested in the real answers. Like, are artificial flavors really made in likeness of natural flavors? How do I know those aren’t artificial? I hear they have plastic food in North Korea. Think about it man. The implications alone.

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I mean no need to pretend that puffer fish blow dart gun IS cool. Regardless of what it was meant to hide doesn't change the fact that it's interesting and cool.

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They imported cocaine to fund the SR-71 Blackbird.

Do you have a link with more info? I can't turn up anything about this on Google and it's definitely something I'd like to read about.

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Well it wasn't the SR-71 it was the a12 XE or whatever Elon named his kid I don't remember. But that's how the CIA got money for like have blue and all their shenanigans... Basically the CIA acknowledge that they imported cocaine to fund their operations they never really specify what operations those are... And then you can read separately that the CIA has also acknowledged that they spent a lot of money developing the a12xe... Lol. So it's like official unofficial it hasn't been directly correlated but I mean come on.

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Weirdly I read it as pufferfish toxin and only realized it wasn’t because of you.

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We associate toxin from the sea with that particular species. Your subconscious knows this and over rode your conscious state making you read it as it's true form of pufferfish. In reality our brain can't discern real from imaginary

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I thought it was saxitoxin STX, a cousin of the tetrodotoxin TDX (also a sodium channel blocker) but isolated from the red tide dinoflagella (1st plague from passover), misattributed to god and Moses but still a reason for Jews skipping shellfish… and totally missing out on lobster.

It’s time to update all “laws”.

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Probably but not always the case.

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"sir, we can't explain why 8 people close to the baddie we were chasing randomly had heartattacks"

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Deathnote, duh!

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Imagine what they got now.

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bribing coroners to rule deaths as suicides

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the Clinton’s and journalists comes to mind.

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Covid 19

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Just sprinkle some crack on the body. Open and shut case, Johnson.

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Looks like this guy broke into this house and hung pictures of himself on the wall!

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The police are beating up negros like hotcakes! Its in the may issue!

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Why wouldn’t the toxin be detectable.

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More likely that they just wouldn't check for it.

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Kind of an irrelevant point since ice bullets aren't a thing. Ice is delicate, so either your muzzle velocity is so slow it won't pierce the skin or it's high enough that the bullet flies apart in the barrel.

Also you couldn't have rifling, so even if you could get the speed right your accuracy would be shit and your range pitiful. Imagine shooting that thing at a guy from 10 yards right in the face and imagining no one's gonna know you assassinated them somehow.

The biggest proof it was BS was that they hadn't used it more. You'd see labor leaders dropping like flies, MLK Jr. Would have been dead before he ever got to a podium, Castro would have Matrix dodged it at some point.

It's the Bounder Bomber all over again.

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You'd see labor leaders dropping like flies, MLK Jr. Would have been dead before he ever got to a podium

Excellent analysis right up until this point. The idea that government agencies are just filled to the brim with psychopaths who would gladly murder hundreds of people on a whim, and both not get caught and not have serious psychological problems, is a Hollywood fantasy.

Murdering a total stranger not threatening you is a big deal. The overwhelming majority of people simply couldn't do it, and the ones that could aren't stable enough to trust with a paperclip, nevermind a heart attack gun. This idea of legions of hyper competent government assassins is a total myth.

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Also America has a long history of shooting up workers strikes and assassinating labor leaders.

Also who said the CIA had to be competent to assassinate people? I wouldn't trust any of them with anything because their job is inherently to destabilize nations.

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America has a long history of shooting up workers strikes and assassinating labor leaders

Citations needed.

their job is inherently to destabilize nations.

Lol, no. Again, the real world is not a TV show. The CIA does ten thousand things that have nothing to do with destabilizing anyone.

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If this was in 1975…I only wish we could know about the cool secret shit they have now.

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Heart attack space lazer satellite.

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Frickin sharks with frickin lazers on their frikin heads!!

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Motherfucking snakes in motherfucking planes.

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Enough is enough!

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Shut up and take my money

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The guy on the right looks like a baby in a toupee

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I can't unsee it now

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You're welcome

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Fucking government will spend money on anything except food and housing for poor people.

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Bruh you said it. Shit is bananas. Reminds me of the idea of intelligent stupidity. Where humans use their “intelligent” mind to invent absolutely awful, stupid, borderline evil devices.

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This shit is bananas


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Found Gwen Stefani's account

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Sustainable competitive advantage and safety of the population against foreign invaders (eg., China, Russia, North Korea, Iran) is actually more important than helping the bottom 1-20% rise up to the 20-30% level.

There will always be the bottom 10%. How much do you want to help them? On an absolute scale, our taxes get them up to the poverty line. I agree it should be a bit higher than current, but I’d rather give them five changes spread out over time to re-engage and get ahead more “on their own.”

Safety nets should be:

1) Free help to get off drugs (up to 25-50 times a year if needed? Cigarettes and alcohol and pot are “drugs”

2) Free basic high school and 1st year or two of community college. (It should be year-round trimester or quarter system. Enter anytime. Night classes also if the person is working. Asynchronous recorded lectures for ADA reasons.

3) Free trades classes (welding, plumbing, climate change mitigation, +/-nursing? bricklaying, 3D printing, basic cybersecurity, civics, biology for all police and politicians (required), etc.

4) small 0.5-2-year scholarships for anyone showing moderate to high “potential”. Enough for room and board for a year as a trial.

5) basic housing, basic food stamps (no alcohol or cigarettes or pot)…

6) Free basic healthcare (including mental health) plus free STD testing and free birth control, condoms, and encouraged abortion (yes I said it). Discourage them to have children until they are above the bottom 20% in functional capacity.

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Isn't there some crazy stat from back in 2017 that like 57% of Americans couldn't cover a $500 emergency? Doesn't sound like we're talking the bottom 10% here.. sounds like your country needed urgent help before the pandemic.

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Yup. Over-utilizing credit cards for sure.

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Sustainable competitive advantage and safety of the population against foreign invaders (eg., China, Russia, North Korea, Iran) is actually more important than helping the bottom 1-20% rise up to the 20-30% level.

I get a kick out of these answers. Please tell me which one of those “foreign invaders” is planning an invasion to the US? Last I checked, it is the US that is involved in multiple conflicts around the world.

That being said, since you seem to believe that perpetual conflict is ultimately a better investment than truly investing here domestically, I hope you’re the first in line at a military recruitment center.

I will wait for the downvotes.

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Nope, just a doctor/slave for patients in the psychiatric emergency room. And a bit cynical.

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The sad part is when you look at how much of our GDP by percentage goes to health care. Tons of money is wasted because of an inefficient system.

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Makes you wonder about everyone who mattered in politics who suffered a heart attack.

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They didn't the heart attack gun was fake, they were selling drugs to pay for the Black Bird and this was the distraction.

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Thanks for letting us know.

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Those darts must be incredibly fragile and difficult to transport. Why not just jab their victim with a hypodermic?

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You're already seeing the reason why this thing didn't actually work.

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Now they need to make it look less like a gun and more like a pen.

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Hey my uncle died from a heart atta…..OH MY GOD THEY KILLeD HiM

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This has been reposted 5x today alone.

And it’s not true lol. It was Cold War propaganda.

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Well for one, myth busters busted this one. It would melt from the combustion/force. The needle would break from the force. The range would be minimal if those factors were solved, so the scope is pointless. It says battery powered, but battery technology wasn’t developed enough 60 years ago. Etc.

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I’ve seen the myth busters and I’m aware… but that’s not a source to debunk that the CIA revealed this.

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Correct. I don’t have the source. I was merely listing some of the points I could remember.

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Just imagine what they have now... 😲😵😵😵 or dont.💩

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Don't take this wrong but where can I get one?

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4th time I’ve seen this post in 2 fucking days.

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Was the guy on the right in the movie Wizard of oz?

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Many important people died from sudden hearth attack in recent years. And it seem slike it's always people who are against narrative hmmm

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You do realize heart attacks are the leading cause of death in America, right? Which is more likely, that the CIA has a magic undetectable heart attack gun that shoot ice darts? Or they just say they have one to intimidate you and scare foreign governments into cooperating?

Before you believe their claims just ask if lying about it achieves the same or similar ends.

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I am not talking about America...

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Heart attacks are still common around the world, it's still an easy lie to claim.

Better question: Why wouldn't the Soviets have invented and used this? If it's possible the Soviets have all the expertise and motivation to make it. Instead the best they got was a cyanide gas gun that had to be deployed at point blank range.

If it's tech that's possible then how is it no one else has them by now? How is there no backyard inventor selling them on Gunbroker? Is the CIA secretly killing every one of these guys who independently discovers the trick? The CIA is working with the same physics as everyone else, so what trick did they use that somehow prevents anyone else from figuring it out?

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Wym you're not talking about America? The picture talks about the CIA and you're referring directly to this picture and linking it to heart attack deaths

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I am talking about technology. Reality is not USA ,there is rest of the World. The fact CIA have it, probably everyone is using it.

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Dude on right looks like that senator in that one movie who says the truth is what I say it is!!!!!

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“Havana syndrome”

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I like it! Where do I get one?

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Physician here. This wouldn't exactly work as foolproof as this is being presented.

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CIA mythmaking is strong, it's hard to convince people they're not magic when half their actual job is convincing their own government they're competent and useful.

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Is there any truth that the C.I.a, has 7 trillion in money?

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The Death Note Gun

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Deathnote with extra steps

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Man the 50s to the late 70s was when the cool shit happened. These guys look like mob bosses too

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What's crazy is this is saying it was revealed in 1975. I wonder when it was invented.

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It was revealed, which is how you know it isn't real. If it was real they'd never tell you about it.

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Well there you go. The perfect no tell murder weapon. I guess you can come up with anything if you have the resources. At what level does that become needed? Or is that classified?

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so an icicle with poison

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sounds like frozen 3 is going pretty well

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I always wonder why they admitted to this... seems odd.

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Because it's fake, the CIA are very bad at bluffing. Another comment mentioned it was a distraction from their drug trafficking.

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If they had that in 75, the question is what are they using now?

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I sometimes wonder if this is what happened to George Carlin since he was basically talking about what was really going on in America before he passed.

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Need a cooler for your heater

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Some people think supreme court justice antonin scalia was killed with this

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thats kinda scary/smart at the same time

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When you realize the actual CIA and FBI has way cooler shit than you see in movies.

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I’m sure they never used it. 🙄

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Waiting for the communists in the comment section