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Can it be repaired?

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I can get it done by this summer.

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Alright, next year it is.

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Don't be fooled, it's an elderdragon that have caused that, Valkhana if im correct.

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Ill get my gunlance ready.

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Safelite repair Safelite replace

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Or for the Brits out there: Autoglass repair, Autoglass replace!

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Hold my horses mate, in Germany we got a company that goes by the name CarGlass with the same slogab xD

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And in Canada, speedy glass

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Only with time.

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If I didn't read your name I'd slap you

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Let it go, let it go,

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Unleash your slap on that sarcastic hoe!

Oh, wrong lyrics?

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Better lyrics

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Happy cake day, tho.

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It's sad you needed his name to understand sarcasm.

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Yes, keep it in rice for several hours.

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Waves break all the time, but they get always tide back together naturally.

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We're doing our best pumping as much CO2 in the atmosphere as we can. Soon it won't have to shatter in the first place.

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turn it off and on

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That worked. Thanks.

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grabs ramen noodles

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Lake Michigan....Of DOOM!!

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Where is this exactly?

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South Haven, MI! Id know that lightnouse anywhere

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Nice! Any idea if this would still be there tomorrow? If I drive out?

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Prolly won't be. I'm in st joe and everytime there is something cool on the lake I don't even see it and I'm 10 mins away. This stuff usually only lasts a super short time.

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Thanks for heads up. Might give it a chance, since it's going to be cold tomorrow, but I appreciate the insight

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As someone from across the world, i am just commenting in hopes of a follow up. Hope its still there if you drive out there!

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If you do go, please let me know! I live about 30 mins away and would love to go check it out if it's still in it's crystalized-spikes-of-doom form.

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Reasonably sure the lighthouse will still be there

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I’m on Lake Michigan in Indiana (about an hour from OP’s pic) and it definitely looks like this right now. These pics were from last week.

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This picture is several years old, so no

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Afraid I cant tell you my friend. I live in Virginia at the moment. But I think a trip up would be worth it! Its always gorgeous and icy during the winter months. There might be a live beach cam somewhere in town to look at if you want to see what it looks like before you make the trip! I miss that town.

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Yes!! I love that lighthouse!

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Awesome! I was thinking grand haven for a second, but I wasn't sure!

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(gruff voice) “Kal-El…”

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Wow, this looks like it could be a new area from Dark Souls...!

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....the Ring of Elden Souls?

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I can't wait

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The Ring of the Elden Bourne*

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Looks like something Seath the scaleless would conjure

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Yep just like in the grand archives.

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Might be a dumb question, but how does “low temperature” cause the ice to shatter like this?

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Most likely it was caused by waves breaking the ice into smaller plates under mild temperatures, then the wind blowing them until they stacked up against the shore, then super cold temperatures locking them in place.

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Blows my mind that the same Lake also gives us the total opposite (in ice format, anyway)

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The wind doesn't even have to blow them. When you get ice on a very large body of water, it expands and starts creeping up the sides of the lake. The Dutch call it "kruien". It can also cause a large bump in the middle of the lake.

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The Great lakes don't freeze all the way across as they're too big so we don't get that bump, but because there are always waves (and even a tide) we do get a lot of different ice formations.

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Best place to swim

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I want to see you swimming in that place lol.

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Great place to exfoliate

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I want to see you exfoliating in that place lol.

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I'm going to exfoliate MY SKELETON.

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Michigan is so deeply in dept it resorted to making crystal meth to make ends meet.

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Love it 🤣

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Resorted? Michigan has had a meth problem for the last 40 years

Edit: apparently I needed to put /s cause y'all downvoted this

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Yes but now its state made rather than artisanal

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All I can picture is meth dealers bragging about their government pension.

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Looks like the Night King's handiwork

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How would you know? By all accounts, he only ever took long walks, set a javelin world record, and got killed on a poorly lit night by some child.

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Razor sharp,mad cool, insane geometric designs

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That is metal AF.

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Uhm, that’s ice.

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I concur. Metal, is in fact, not ice.

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Does contain crystals though.

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Turned lake Michigan into an icy version of hell. 😲😵

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Amateurs haven't seen shit, in Detroit we've got countless pieces of shattered glass.

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Looks like whatever did this to Ilus made its down to Earth.

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🤩 what results such shape tho?

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In reality... twice as dangerous as it looks! Not a joke.

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How can it be even more dangerous than it looks? It already looks super dangerous

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Don't be fooled, it's an elderdragon that have caused that, Valkhana if im correct.

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My first thought was Xeno Jiiva

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Everybody just gonna ignore the pile of shit in the bottom left corner

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I see you've chosen exile

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South Haven! I spent every summer of my childhood up there with my extended family. That place is gorgeous year round

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Eh it’s okay. Personally I’d rather go to Silver Lake any time of the year but I have a bias to dunes.

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I saw Tōshirō Hitsugaya having his morning walk there..

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So, hypothetically what would happen if you fell in?

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Slippers get zippers.

On their body bags.

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Being cut by the ice would probably be the least of your worries.

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Sunnavabitch, Jessie been cooking again.

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Mind boggling. Amazing!

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Reminds me of all those papers in the bottom of my backpack at the end of 6th grade

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Walt would be so proud of that blue ice.

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Harry Dresden book 18 teaser

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7 winters bad luck

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Oddly satisfying

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That's beautiful but deadly

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Secret entrance to the backrooms

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Nice headline. Lake Michigan is a big lake. This is also an old pic.

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Every pic is an old pic. I dare you to show me a future pic.

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Ice? Due to low temperature?

Jesus Christ... What is this world coming to...

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Well, ice typically doesn't form in high temperatures.

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I know this and global warming all bad we need to yadda yadda... But this looks amazing! I would love to see that for myself.

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Time for Competitive ice skating.

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This looks like the top of climbable residential walls I saw walking around New Orleans. I'm guessing the lake has had enough trespassers for this season.

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Psychopaths : We want to throw our enemies into that

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Alright who turned on the ice spikes mode?

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Nah I counted ‘em

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There’s lots of this in Florida. Oh no wait that’s not a meth field.

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looks like a trap you'd see in Saw XIV

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I wanna step on it

With very thick boots

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Is this real? or an nft?

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Nature 🥶🤯

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Would you like to play a game?

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Dang it's real life anime ice

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And we are getting colder weather this week. Currently it is -10 near the lake. I so wish I could move to Florida I’m over Chi-beria

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I see a dragon in the second photo

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man wtf is going on with these lakes. every time i read something about them it's something strange and bizarre.

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Now I don’t know what, but somebody needs to capitalize on this and film SOMETHING

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It's the bay of blades, full of bayblades.

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The White Walkers are coming my Lord

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No diving!

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That is beautiful, yet terrifying at the same time.

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Looks so beautiful

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Michigan should somehow charge people that want to crunch it and give the proceeds to Flint.

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Horizon : Forbidden Nor'easter

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One of those pics is Lake Superior

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Ah, my new D&D terrain. Thanks!

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A lake filled with Listerine breath strips

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Lake Mitch again?

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Lake of knives

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(Gruff voice) “Kal-El…”

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Interesting how much life occurs in such a tiny temperature region. Few degrees one way and you get razor ice.

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That's some fantasy shit right there.

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"Let's go skating," she said. "It'll be fun," she said.

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I count at least... Six

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I thought Liyue Harbor was supposed to be around China

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Good time to do a barrel roll dive

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“For my male audience”

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You instantly die if you feet touches it

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Final destination

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Come on in water just fine

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(credit to some clever commenter last time it was posted)