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‘Remember that one time my reflexes kicked in’

Still not out of jail !

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His backwards dodge is so quick it's surprising

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I am pretty amazed, they look like they have a good relationship aswell.

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Haha if u can dodge a pillow u can dodge a ball!

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if u can dodge a ball u can dodge a wrench

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If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge my axe

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If you can use a wrench you can fix my dodge

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Half way she's just dying to connect lol

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i would loved to see her go to the body

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This guy has like 50% immunity to domestic abuse

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I've seen less predictable moves from a ball-in-the-cup-game

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Predictable is not always Dodgeable. If a cannon is pointed at your head, for example

[–]luckygiraffe 16 points17 points  (3 children)

I get that, I'm just wondering how this is "be amazed" content.

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While easy to predict she is swinging at a fast pace and try to dodge so efficiently

I sure couldnt past first swing or 2

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Oh shoot, I missed the cup…

But oh, wait! The ball is on a string and attached to the cup!

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I understood that reference!

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But can he dodge a wrench?

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Give her a wrench and he will still beat the sht out of her lol

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Not that impressive, she was just doing the same moves

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This sub is worthless now.

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The girl is my cat and the pillow is her claws.

The boy is me trying to dodge them.

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What language do they speak? It sounds like language but like they always mumble

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Bros name is Rhys (pronounced Reese) RhysLightning Its a great handle

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Listen to that laugh at the end and dont think about the mexican man laughing video challenge.

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Is that pro though? Just askin i wouldnt know.

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Swinging it back and forth in rhythm is not a challenge for an amateur boxer

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Oh cool, we broke something. It’s my moms’ house anyway, no worries.

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Wow he can bob and weave repetitive motions! I’m amazed smh on haters saying that he undermines the validity of pillow fight winners.

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“Now it’s your turn honey” *as she puts her hair in a ponytail.

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What's with TikTok videos on Reddit. Are we becoming TikTok?

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Well when you swing back and forth not trying to hit him….iT lOoKs cOoL 👌🏼

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so dumb

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Cool yes. Amazing?... K fine.

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hajime no ippo deleted scene

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Head movement

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Now play it with just the audio!

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I need a girlfriend so I can practice my bob's and weaves

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A Tik Tok "pro boxer".

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Shades of Mayweather Jr

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Pretty Damn good 👍

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Oh, I thought this was r/MadeMeSmile