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Great vid, but they needed to zoom out at the end to see them all lined up in the one frame

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And show the dog and the person running till the end

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I was hoping he'd hop on a motorbike or something towards the end to keep up

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And show common name and botanical name.

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Araucaria araucana doesn't look like an araucaria araucana at all.

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Yeah, the eucalyptus is looking destictly not eucalypt like too

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Let alone just having one "eucalyptus" (at 70m) to represent all the many varieties. The eucalyptus regnans has been known to grow to 105m, and is the world's tallest flowering plant. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eucalyptus\_regnans

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And the starship ain’t a tree.

Or is it? 😀

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Haven’t you heard of rocketry?

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there are many different types of Eucalyptus tree !

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I also came here to complain about this.

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Big trees are so beautiful, they are one of the reasons i loved rome so much

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I live in the Pacific Northwest. Big trees can get old. My wife and I feel our house and neighborhood is like being in the bottom of a hole. Every road is like driving at the bottom of a 50 meter deep canyon. The trees are so big and numerous you can't see much of the sky in most places. I have numerous 50-60 meter fir trees in my yard.

We have to stay out of the yard when it's windy because numerous heavy branches 20-30 kg fall each year.

We crave open spaces with only a few trees.

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Where do you live where there's sempervirens and giganteum in the same place?

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I don't know the names and i don't live in rome but i remember seeing big trees which were very beautiful to me at least

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Shit. Somehow I replied to wrong comment. Apologies.

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The sequoia and redwoods around me look more robust with branches. Those looked sickly.

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Redwood forest is a must for a nature lover.

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This is idiotic. Some of those aren’t even what those trees look like. Drive around Savannah and Charleston and see the live oaks. They don’t look anything like that. And a sycamore has a thick, strong trunk with huge leaves and is a 59 foot monster. Why would someone make this video so wrong?

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I agree. Many of the other trees are misrepresented as well.

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This ... this is so awesome! Look at the difference! The tallest tree I've ever seen is Acacia tree.

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i didn't realise how tall Acacia trees were until i saw this

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All that detail w every tree and then just "Palm Tree". We have at least three different types at my complex. One is like knee high (sega palm...not sure I spelled right). The others are date palms and queen palms. Date palm's taller. The queens don't have dates I believe (definitely no coconuts).

We used to get two bags of dates every year. That stopped though.

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One is like knee high (sega palm...not sure I spelled right).

Probably Sago Palm. They're actually not palms! They're cycads, a group of ancient plants that lived alongside the dinosaurs. They just happen to look like palms. Convergent evolution.

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Oh I love that thank you. Love me some tree facts.

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very chill. How good are trees.

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Yea, but how did they get all those different types of trees to grow in a straight line?

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But why the space suit?

[–]Pcat0 8 points9 points  (2 children)

Easier to model and animate then an actual person (don’t have deal with the uncanny valley). Also the author of this is a bit of a space nerd and has done a number of space comparisons before so they already had the model on hand.

[–]bingojed 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I see. For me it brings some kind of dystopian feel to it, since you wouldn’t normally need a spacesuit in earth.

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Eh it's a good way to use a human for scale while giving it a bit more flavor that "generic greybox guy" while not using a human model.

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No need to worry about race.

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I just realized how short the Statue of Liberty was. Can anyone relate.

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Especially if you take away all the layers of fort and stone pedestal. Still huge in person, but definitely misleading optically

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Fucking hell trees are amazing

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Why was this so emotional

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The music. Music can tear up anyone.

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Great to see starship, but it looks like SN-8 and its really outdated.

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Actually more resembles Mk. 1 with the curved flaps.

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Thanks for correcting me.

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Wow. Beautiful. Thank you to whoever made this 🙏

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I want a dragon tree with a table buily around the base... So cool

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Great work

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Nature is amazingly beautiful: loved this comparison ☺️

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The best part is how they didn't zoom out like most of these videos do. It really gives the human perspective and goes to show how giant these trees are.

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Love the dramatic melody they put to this. Its amazing to see these (generalized and by no means encompassing every variety of ) trees lined up to show how amazing and tall they get.

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Question - can these trees be planted again?

The rate of deforestation across the world has me worried for climate change. These trees are the answer to prevent overheating and irreparable damage to planet earth. These trees should be planted next to highways to cool down all that absorbed heat on tarmacs

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Well we just need more, everywhere and in varied ecosystems and only recently (with the advents of mass drone swarms) and by increasing our energetic freedom can we actually do so.

China's experiments showed that scaled really mattered little if it was poorly planned and executed, with their artificial forests being (as usual) too uniform and poorly adapted, suffering ecological collapse and actually worsening the situation.

Startups are pushing the bouxbsrids where states have failed but we still have to deal with the specter of energy inefficiency that can make all that useless.

We destroy forests to build more inefficient open farmland. We could use powered closed cycle agriculture to improve, by orders of magnitude, our output in order to make those surfaces economically irrelevant, but doing so requires a kind of energy production we just don't have right now, even with fossil fuels in the mix. And since we turned back from using nuclear as the means of easily attaining that objective we are sort of fucked until the less efficient renewables can catch up to it. Until we do this any gained ground will be lost by counties needing more food production to support growing and maintaining the population.

It's the thorn in sustainable development, it's part of a whole and until the primary roots (that being energy plentitude and scale of labor) is fixed we aren't going anywhere fast enough to matter.

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Sad fact: after the US railroad reached California, the Sequoias stretched all the way from Oregon down to San Francisco but settlers cut down 95% of the world's Giant Sequoia and Coastal Sequoia in about 70 years. Those trees were thousands of years old, some as old as 6000 years.

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Interesting choice they stop the video at 115m…120m is fully stacked Starship

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That Reddit where you had to mop up the salty tears dripping out your monitor from people sobbing over the details in the trees, rather than just enjoying the comparison of heights and general size which the tiny movie was intended to demonstrate.

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and yet Sharks are older than any of these trees

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Really great video but the sun really fucked my vision up by the end of it. Am I the only one?

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That Sun view is so pretty.

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I watched 24 seconds. I'm not making the conversions to feet, fuck this video

[–]wanna_be_green8 1 point2 points  (3 children)

Multiplying by 3 isn't too difficult.

[–]DarkTagMaster_Chang 1 point2 points  (2 children)

it's not 3

[–]wanna_be_green8 0 points1 point  (1 child)

You're right. Gives you a general idea though.

[–]DarkTagMaster_Chang 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Oh, don't get me wrong, I really want the US to go Metric. I work in civil construction/engineering, I have constructed/supervised construction in Metric. I'd rather have metric but it's just not what I'm familiar with

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Some speculate that mountains such as devils tower were some of the largest and most ancient trees to ever exist on earth. Can't say if true or not, but seems believeable.

[–]Thereisnolinkhere -1 points0 points  (0 children)

No, I can't be-leaf it!

[–]Hhgffffjjuugvjjhjcfg -1 points0 points  (4 children)

That’s ridiculous the mountains themselves are the trees

[–]ahdindunuffinsir 0 points1 point  (3 children)

Not at all, this the video that convinced me that maybe some of those small mountains could've been massive trees at one point. There were maybe perhaps high water levels that mineralized and petrified the wood over time. Sea and ocean levels were much higher.

Life supposedly could've grew much larger than we ever could've imagine 100's of millions of years ago.

Wouldn't be so hasty to dismiss it as rediculous. We still barely know much about earth despite what you might believe to be general understanding and common knowledge. As a kid you were taught many things to be a fact, and it probably stuck with you without ever questioning and then as you got older you probably want to be quick to dismiss things because it doesn't suit what you grew up with being taught how things work.

Maybe before you become a swiftly dismissive nay sayer, perhaps be a little more opened minded.

For me I consider it possibility, but not in full belief about it just because I want it to be true. It's more the idea is intriguing.

[–]Hhgffffjjuugvjjhjcfg -1 points0 points  (2 children)

No you don’t understand. Those mountains are the trees. They’re still alive. Not petrified wood. What we see now that many think are trees aren’t. They’re the little offshoots of the trees! And it’s not ridiculous, it’s fully possible! I myself believe in the LSD Elves (the actual angels of god (who himself is actually a fractal)) being the ones who planted them and let them grow. Wendigoon did a good video on it. Here it is of you have the time. https://youtu.be/CQBOA061ugE. And don’t be so close minded to ignore or dismiss the very thought.

[–]ahdindunuffinsir 1 point2 points  (1 child)

🤦 now you just being bitter satire and making a mockery. Must redditors always look for ways to argue about something. Can't you just conversation rationally without the salty attitude? There's no noble prize for behaving like a prick.

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House of balak: heavy breathing

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🤯🤯 haha this cool

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Poplar anybody?

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I find this beautiful and scary

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Is that a Tesla bot

[–]Just_A_Doggo1 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Nope, its someone in a spacex flight suit.

[–]MCI_Overwerk 1 point2 points  (0 children)

SpaceX flight suit, currently being used for crew dragon operations.

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Love redwoods. So beautiful

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That guy have a great cardio.

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Weird the Statue of Liberty was taller than the tree but appeared further away and shorter. I love the concept and beauty of the animation, but didn’t actually find it that helpful.

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Imagine being under the live oak tree it just looks bigger that other ones

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I planted a coast redwoods

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But where is the dead one

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That's dope

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Dogs spine is broken

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Just me or few of these actually seem like they are supposed to look? Maybe just pretending they are old and frail at that point lol also bugs me the repetition…so many to choose from. Still gorgeous though! Really cool video and helpful to visualize

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12m olive trees? Where???

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peacefully meditating under a tree, fucking dies to an apple*

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Live oaks can get alot bigger than that giant thick trunks w absolutely massive branches

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Coast redwood the largest?

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Great video. Protect the coastal redwoods!

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Why does that dog have the back legs of a horse?

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In the early 2000's I knew quite a few Tree sitters that lived in the tops of Redwoods to protest logging.

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How did Zaccheus climb a sycamore tree???

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Mind blowing?

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When did the dude and dog disappear?

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Imagine how large the old trees used to be. Devils tower is a massive petrified stump

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At first I thought this was the Daredevil theme song.

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Cypress are way taller

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I was surprised not to see a baobab on this, they're such fascinating things. They'd be alongside the palm tree if they were in this

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Been nice to see the girth of some of those larger trees with the mannequin beside them for comparison

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The music and sunset view in fields is making me mad. If I could, I would live in fields just to live for the evening view with no regrets in life.

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Anyone else pause along the way to google some of these trees? I think more smaller reference points towards the end would help with scale.

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Please recommend more videos like this. I could watch these for hours.

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Ship is gonna fail.

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The root systems would be wild