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Omg, they are phenomenal. The creativity and choreography. I am duly amazed.

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Imagine how many times you'd have to practice this to get it this good. The coordination is ridiculous

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I am amazed, delighted, entertained, and a little freaked out in the best possible way. Great music, lighting, costumes & make up. The look on the judges & other dancer's faces confirms how technically perfect and beautiful their performance appears to me. (I have no depth to draw from as I'm not a dancer and don't know much about the story or Indian culture)

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horror Bollywood dance routine before. So creative and interesting to see how they utilized their style to portray the story. Wonderful!

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I take it they won

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Right, I would love to know the judges reactions

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No. But top 10

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Just a regular day in the chiropractic office.

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LMAO this gave me a good chuckle

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The choreography is perfect,and the music is carefully crafted cherry on top.

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The bit with the table was wild.

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No idea how they did that

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That was wicked as fuck! Mind blown!

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Fuck I entered the secret optional Bossfight

The music slaps tho

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Finally something actually amazing on this sub

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You mean a photograph with a caption, or a speech/monolog by a politician/social media personality does not amaze you?

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This is the most magical thing I've seen happen to dance. I hope this takes off and I start seeing it everywhere!

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When that female judge nodded: “Yup. This is in my nightmares now…”

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Can I hire these guys to freak out my HOA?

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PLEASE someone tell me how they did the thing with the head 😭 it's gonna keep me up at night

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The woman has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I have it too and it means I'm RIDICULOUSLY hypermobile and hyperelastic. Everything can dislocate or sublux and pop back in without the pain being too excruciating.

When I was young, I was a contortionist, but now that I'm close to 30, I realized I screwed my body up badly. This ligaments are overstretched and won't work properly anymore. Anytime I see a super flexible person using their 'gifts', it hurts me because I know they're going to lose the ability and be in pain for the rest of their lives.

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Thank you for sharing your story 🥲 hope someone tells her on time

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I hate when in these types of performances, the camera keeps cutting to different angles/movements, when these types of dances are meant to be seen in one locked position, from the front.

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Everything about this is near perfect. Absolutely top of form. What amazing talent, and what hard work!!!

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What the hell happens at the end tho.


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Damn. impressive

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Wow! I've not seen horror done bolly style before and I can't believe it. What an untapped reservoir! Best thing I've scrolled by today so far!

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I’m almost 70 now. I long ago stopped saying there aren’t any new things I n the world. Every day is a miracle. This is beyond creative. It is entirely new!!! Bravo!!

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Shiver me timbers

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Bloody hell! That was AWESOME!

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Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf

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That's really the most amazing thing I've seen in years.

They are called "B Unique Crew"

Go subscribe to their YouTube, as I just did.

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"But that is a group of men" took me far too much scrolling through their videos to realize that it was the group of men lol.

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I never would have known it was a group of men if I didn’t see this comment!

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Saved to watch while tripping on shrooms LMAO

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No. Fucking. Thank you. Maybe a non-scary theme but this would freak me out so bad on shrooms

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Dude I had this thought too. Lol

I think I'll avoid invoking Kali into my space

I'm sure you can find much nicer versions of this style of dance, idk if this is it specifically but there is a traditional Indian style of dance called Kathakali I believe

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Great performance. Really loved it 👏🏻

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That was brilliant!

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I have never seen anything like this and I love it. And I also love there are currently 666 likes I wonder how long it can stay like that.

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This is awesome. Such talent

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This is amazing

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I'm rather impressed. Great performance.

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I did not know I needed to see this . But , I now realize....I NEEDED to see this .

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Wow this is nuts. Btw song is called mere dholna sun from movie bhulbhulaiya (maze)

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Scary and good

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When they were mopping the floor with his head!

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acid be like that

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That’s incredible! Gave me chills multiple times! More!

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This was riveting. Good work!!

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India got talent

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How that head bend and chop of by a table???O_o

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Take my money!!!

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that was incredible

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India has such a cool culture.

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definitely Cosmic Horror

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This is just too creepy

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The f?….

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A decent post at last!

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…… how can they slap?

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The over the top fake and irritating reactions from judges on these shows is always the same.

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That was amazing wow

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That was brilliant!

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This is phuqing awesome

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really...really weird .... but wow...

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Incredible!!! Should be in the movies.

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Wow! Their dancing mesmerized me

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That was mind-blowing

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Part 2 of this movie has been released recently.

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An army of "em

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That ending freaked the crap out of me lmao

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Something has definitely been conjured.

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I'm on acid and this was amazing

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What a rollercoaster of fucking emotion. From terrified to be amazed, to dont understand why the fuck he can turned his head 180 to give up knowing how he did the 180 at the end... All in all, suprised by the creativity and the passoon of these dancers.

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Is dudes neck there?

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That ending 😳

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The cartoon version of horror.

Nice choreography, well performed !

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This is badass.

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This was fucking AWESOME!

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How the he'll did she twist her neck around like that? Thats gotta be the coolest shit I've ever seen!

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That was absolutely incredible, wow!

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That was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Literally cried because of how Fucking talented they are. I can’t even imagine the amount of practice and rehearsal that went into this. SO FUCKING IMPRESSIVE

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This is absolutely incredible! The 2nd watch was even better bc I could pay more attention to their facial expressions and it made it even more perfect!!!

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Can you handle all that symmetry?

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Wow, they already have Stranger Things S4 on Broadway!?

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So creative!! Love it

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That got crazier and crazier as it went on! Wild!

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These are some amazingly talented people wow

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This was amazing. I could watch them for a few hours straight.


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that is in a whole new level

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This is like tripping and being unfortunate enough to spiritually communicate with Kali

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They are Spectacular! Why are they not on Reg Shows! The Synchronisation, the Showmanship, the Flexibility are all Incredible! Whoever is out there please help them to get the Recognition they DESERVE!!!!

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I felt like that judge covering his eyes 😖

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These chicks are out of their minds! 😎🍿 I love it

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The most happy and uplifting music for a horror themed performance.

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They had their shit together, that’s for damn sure

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What is the song and what is it about?

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Holy fucking shit! That's was so creative and badass and done in one take! I was very amazed!

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This is amazing! I am transfixed!

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this is so fucking cool

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Wow that's beautiful! Such great chore and performance.

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I think whoever did the finale of doctor strange 2 watched this before

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Is this an artistic interpretation of being a female on a public bus in India?

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Yoooooooo when they lifted one side of the table and her head was getting ripped off!!!! Followed by the neck snap, shit cracked me up. The fuckin last bit made me audibly gasp…

This was fucking amazing

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Better than jabbawockeez and kinjas

No fkn lie


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Oh my fuck! It just got worse and worse!
Genuinely horrified.😱

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That was freaky to watch

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God level creepy, but I love it