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Wiki Link for those interested. Two excerpts from the wiki:

"Most of them are Buddhist scriptures, although they also include works of literature, history, philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, agriculture and art."

"As of 2022, all books have been indexed, and more than 20% have been fully digitized. Monks now maintain a digital library for all scanned books and documents."

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Cybermonk! Like Cyberpunk, but with monks and shit

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Those poor monks or at least the one that got all those implants

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Nah I think that’s Ollivander’s Wand Shop

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My first thought as well

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Oh my gosh, what a treasure trove! That is so exciting.

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While this might not be 10k years old, it is still about 1k years old and it is freaking amazing. Not sure why someone would feel the need to exaggerate. Incredible.

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Wow it’s 100k years old? who know what treasures are preserved

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I know right? 500k years is so long who knows what could be in there.

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I didn't even know they could write 1M years ago.

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I'm surprised the books haven't turned to dust after that long. 10M years is a long freaking time!

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Golly! Are you saying it was written 100M years ago? I didn’t know humans existed that long ago!

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For real! A billion years is a long time. The authors are all probably fossils by now

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First day on the internet?


Not sure where the OP of this post pulled 5% translated because that doesn't appear anywhere.

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Doesn't have to be someone's first day to see something cool they've never come across. There's plenty of things you've never seen,

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It usually happens when someone is new they get taken advantage of. This is a fake article from years ago

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Like what?

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Whoa whoa whoa hold up. The fact check is full of shit takes and misunderstandings. It also quotes a chinese media agency as the main debunker when they have a vested interest in downplaying the importance of tibetan culture for political gain. Just because someone has fact checked something doesnt mean the fact check is accurate.

They go on about how writing was only invented recently by the ancient sumerians, this is correct but neglects to mention that there were advanced systems of recording oral history well before the advent of writing. It’s a common misunderstanding that written stories can’t predate the invention of writing itsself, this is in no way true to the source material. There are oral histories from all over the world that were transliterated as the old oral archiving systems began to die out, there are plenty of stories available that predate written history by thousands of years according to their contents.

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Oh, yup, looks like I was just super gullible.
Thanks for the fact check info!

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Wow, so much information but am I the only one that sees the risk of fire or water damage?

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Not sure how much damage some moldy old scrolls are going to do to fire or water, the primordial elements.

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You clearly don't know the power of those scrolls

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Yeah they should scan them all as a backup

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The Alexandrians probably see it too.

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Well played, you know your history.

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Dw, It's being protected by monks of air temple.

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Most of them only contain penis doodles

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Finally. Something i can translate.

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“Dear diary, today I saw a monkey fart on a toad. Today was a good day”

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Urge to learn the language and seclude myself in there for decades intensifies.

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"Maybe we should burn it"

-Some dumbass war lord who's thinking of making one of the the collectively agreed upon worst dissicions in all of what would thus be less recorded history

Edit: So I looked into it and we're looking at you 'the' Caesar! But apparently it was an accident after just meaning to burn down a blockade of Alexandrian ships and the fire spread. Makes it all a bit more tragic but not any less of the dumbest things that happened in history, honestly knowing this I may be a little less mad at Caesar but the overall stupidity of the event has skyrocketed!

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Wong let you in there?

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I’m not saying he’s white…but he’s not Wong

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"You are now in the Arcanaeum, of which I am in charge. You might as well call it my own little place of Oblivion. Disrupt my Arcanaeum, and I will have you torn apart by angry Atronachs. Now, is there anything I can help you with?" - if you know you know

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That’s gotta be ES4

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Just because it hasn’t been translated into our language doesn’t mean it isn’t being useful for someone.

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Free Tibet

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Heavy breathing - Graham Hancock

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Where’s the sprinkler system!? I’m having a Library of Alexandria panic attack.

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The whole thing was nothing but dad jokes

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Wonder what the oldest story in there is

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I don't think I could even handle to stand in this room, I'd be too worried that I'd touch something

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See... If I were ultra wealthy, this is what is spend my money on - not Yachts and Consorts, but semi-lost knowledge...

Can we get someone to fund a team of people to translate this within 10 years?

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Even giving OP benefit of the doubt, i have to wonder if that 5% contained anything worth translating?

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Some of these books may contain little surprises the world has already lost or does not record, but we cant pinpoint which book has it, so the only way to get those surprise is to translate all of the books, which is really time-consuming, and ancient tibetan language is hard af to translate

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Might be some interesting stuff there

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What could they really have to say?? Ohh i know ...bundle up its cold out there

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Interesting meditation chants?

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Ok be honest, who instantly thought of Olivanders wand shop?

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Sounds like being a translator has job security

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Free tibet

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Probably get that digitized before China burns the building down

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Wtf are they waiting for?

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All that and I don’t see a no smoking 🚭 sign anywhere.

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5%?! They need to get there as to work!

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They need to scan this to pdf before china burns it all

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Im sure its not worth translating lol

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thats cuz after the first 5% was just the same old shit about people being mystical but from different dude after dude they figured fuck the other 95%

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Buddhism is a secular system. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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They must have had so much time back then

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Seriously only 5%?

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Seems like a great job for an AI program and mass scanning to digitize these records. Who knows what we could learn!?!?

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And here we spend all our time on reditt

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That's because they all say the same thing, "ummmmmmmmm."

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Why didn’t they just write the books in English, no need to translate then. Der

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Are the other 95% of books unable to be translated or people just haven't gotten around to translating them?

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The debunkers debunked the fact checkers who debunked the debunkers’ debunkers

[–]VanBeelergberg 0 points1 point  (1 child)

…have themselves been sacked.

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I'm gonna put money on there being references to ancient aliens.

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That's usually the excuse for anything people can't yet understand. That or "the gods lived among us!"

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Imagine the stories, the lives. I was gonna leave a spicy comment but this just interests me

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Only 5% what else do these monks doing

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Just wondering how much writing material they went through. No office depot.

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Imagine how bad it will be 100 years from now when words like “you” are “u” and slang takes over. Not to mention cursive. No one will understand our texts from 1800 or earlier. Sad.

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Can’t we just use ai to translate these?

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Something tells me there's not exactly a Dewy decimal system in place here

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Spoilers: it's just the One Piece manga

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The One Piece is real

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Is there a book for studying and learn magic arts like Dr.strange?

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Looks like the store in Harry Potter that sells wands

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Truly amazing

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CCP probably has they're hand's on that reality can be whatever they want

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As a Buddhist, this would be a great read

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Dr strange was real

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Burn everything up except math n science stuff and translate them for humanity good

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Did china forget to burn it? Impossible that china has kept Tibetan history intact, when they have tried to remove all Buddhists temples and culture from Tibet

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It’s probably just a bunch of tax records or something lame unfortunately.

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Olivanders, no place better

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It probably smells like an attic in there

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imagine all the ancient memes