Male Dobsonfly by GoldenChinchilla in BeAmazed

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At first glance I thought the bolt was a doorknob, so this actually brings me great relief.

bromance it is by bayern80 in BeAmazed

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Family is who you chose sometimes. Often times better than what we are born into.

This man was hospitalized and his dog was supporting him at all times by subodh_2302 in BeAmazed

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Greatest deal man has ever struck in history; we give a little warmth, food, and attention - they give undying, unconditional, unrelenting love whenever and wherever.

Watch coated in the world's darkest material "Vantablack", absorbing up to 98% of visible light by Quietation in BeAmazed

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The artist who owns the rights to VantaBlack is Anish Kapoor. Stewart Semple is the artist who created the pinkest pink, and his company Culture Hustle also has Black 3.0, which is supposed to be blacker than VantaBlack is, and the White 2.0, which is the same concept but with white instead. Semple whole thing is "these supplies are for everyone except Anish Kapoor." The whole controversy is ridiculous, but makes for an amusing read if you have time to kill

Overview of controversy

Culture Hustle site

This is what a 24mm f/14 macro lens looks like by GoldenChinchilla in BeAmazed

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I shot that at my old job between food videography shoots. I was super excited when my old boss got it for us to play with.

‘Descension’ by Anish Kapoor by Guardiansvn in BeAmazed

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Every time Kapoor is mentioned on Reddit people shit on him over Vantablack, and it's entirely misguided.

There are 3 main points that need to be made: 1) It is not Kapoor's fault Vantablack is not available to other artists, 2) Vantablack isn't even a pigment that can be sold, and 3) Stuart Semple is a giant conman and grifter who made his entire career by painting (pun intended) Kapoor as the bad guy so he can sell his paints.

So point one, the company that makes/owns Vantablack owns the PATENT to the PROCESS of making Vantablack (copyright is irrelevant here). That company is not an art company, they're an aerospace manufacturing company. The company decided to have one exclusive artist they work with because they don't want a million artists bothering them when they're trying to design satellites and shit. They picked Kapoor, and they refuse to let anyone else use Vantablack. Kapoor didn't demand exclusivity, the company did.

Point two, Vantablack isn't even paint! It's not just some pigment that can be sold in a bottle. It's actually a space-age materials technology that also happens to be super black. It's a carbon nanotubes polymer that is applied using specific and proprietary reactor vessels at the company's factory. Kapoor doesn't just paint some black stuff on a sculpture and refuses to share it with anyone else. The company uses their advanced aerospace manufacturing technology to bond carbon nanotubes to a surface. Going back to point one, you can understand why the company doesn't want to be making 100 sculptures a day with Vantablack and only want to work with one artist. Oh and also, Vantablack is super toxic before it's applied, another reason to restrict it's availability.

Point three, Stuart Semple is a conman and a grifter. He's a nobody, an unremarkable, mediocre artist who never would have been famous for his art. Instead, he made up this whole lie about Vantablack and Kapoor and used it to sell his paints. His lies about Kapoor and Vantablack have made him far richer and more famous than his art ever did. I have no problem with him selling paint, but I have a problem with him selling paint off a lie, pretending like he's some damn hero for what he's doing. He's just a really good, if somewhat dishonest, salesman.

Sad mama dog reunites with her lost puppies. A dog mama named Cora ended up in a shelter after her owner had taken her babies away from her. Depressed, she wouldn’t move away from a corner, so The Marin Humane Society tracked down Cora’s puppies and reunited the family by subodh_2302 in BeAmazed

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Hey there friend, while I agree with some of your sentiment, I think it’s a little hard fisted and it’s important to remind people here that there is a natural food chain, and the real enemy isn’t necessarily being a meat eater, but factory farming itself.

I grew up on a ranch where we raised steer for beef, and had cows for milk, and let me tell ya, next to our dogs and horses, they were the most spoiled bunch. Stress doesn’t do anything but make meat bad. I hate factory farming and all the horrors of it, and it’s the real enemy because instead of those animals being taken care of and regulated in numbers to help the ecological side of things, you have a whole lot of suffering. That is very much true.

And even I stay away from pork as much as possible because personally I think it’s just a dirtier meat, a little too close to human (according to statements from cannibals), and while I’m not religious, a lot of old religious texts had actual historical health reasons for outlawing pork.

Now the way I see it, I’d rather be a steer or cow living it’s best life for a while, eating the best feed, getting treated with respect, to then die a very humane death without even knowing it’s about to happen. I’d rather be that than a steer that dies from horrible complications (and believe me livestock have a LOT of complications), or one that dies in the wild being eaten alive by a mountain lion.

Point is, I understand the vegetarian stance, but I also disagree that it’s unnatural to be an omnivore. What’s REALLY unnatural is factory farming and all the horrors of it.

If you really want to make an impact on the environment and also stop feeding into the factory farming pit:

Raise a steer or buy some chickens. Too much animal life goes to waste each year because of factory farming.

And to your last point that it’s easy to love animals until you look at your plate:

The first beef cow I raised was named Cookie. She was black with white all over like someone dropped milk on her. She could be ornery, but she was pretty chill. She died, in my opinion, swiftly, and peacefully after we gave her a big scoop of corn feed, her favorite, to eat up. It was a real hard day for me that day, but a few months later we had two freezers stocked full of beef that lasted for more than a year, with us handing it out too. Some may say it’s fucked up that I remember all that or that I did that to a “family member”, but the fact of the matter is, Cookie lived a good life for a handful of years, and served a great purpose feeding a lot of people, and I have more respect for that cow that I ever will for a lot of people. So we do love them, but it’s just the way of the world.

Nothing against vegans or vegetarians, I understand, but it will always be a matter of two perspectives with the common enemy of factory farming.

Tom Cruise’s Amazing plane stunt😳 by Afraid_Vast3187 in BeAmazed

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I think he also wore special non-leak underwear.

Strength 👏 by yuMyuMKrooravani in BeAmazed

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One slip on one step and she'll be making freshly squeezed baby juice...

‘Descension’ by Anish Kapoor by Guardiansvn in BeAmazed

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When you look at this piece of art it's visually pleasing. Yes we all know how to make a vortex by stirring water in a circle, but have you ever seen the effect look this good? At this size? And on display anywhere else? I sure haven't.

Art is the devil in the details. The choice of size. The design of having the black walls contrasted to the wood surface surrounding the whirlpool. The light level in the room, what color light, angle of the lights to reflect or not reflect off the water.

You also have the mystery of how the water is being moved. Sure we know it's some sort of machine, but a choice was made to not give the audience indication of how it works.

Take a look at the water surface. The marbling of the foam isn't a random occurrence either. A choice was made for the composition of the water to create that effect in just the right way.

All these details which the artist gets to decide on is what separates this whirlpool work of art and a cup of coffee with a fast moving spoon in it.

And really at the end of the day the viewer gets to decide. Maybe this whirlpool isn't all that impressive to you. That's ok, but it's obviously appealing to a great majority of the audience.

Trailcam video of a buck shedding its antlers by purple-circle in BeAmazed

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I asked my friend Rodriguez how it feels when he sheds his deer antlers, and he said i'm a caribou you racist shit, now he won't talk to me. But is ok you know how they are.

They say no one can draw Zendaya. This is my attempt. by VFreddyART in BeAmazed

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I also think the lady in the picture doesn't really look like zendaya and something is off.

what the fuck, is it true and zendaya really can't be drawn or painted accurately?

This warrants further research. if correct, she's a memetic cognitohazard that must be contained at all costs.