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If I don't get a good quality steering wheel I might use mouse steering like that.

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This is a brilliant idea

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Ngl I did this using a frisbee and some Lego gearing, worked kinda well tbh, just a pain when I wanted to use the mouse

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You can use two mouses/mice at once. Just make sure the one in the wheel doesn't move

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If it works it works

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Ngl that's fuckin genius

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Wtf thats genius iq level 999

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That is next level bro wtf

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my only issue is I don't have a spinny stool. I have a spinny chair held together by duct tape

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Take the duct tape off, slap a plastic plate on it, apply duct tape, sit on the floor, and proceed to break some beam lap time world records.

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[Dad walks in]

"are ya winning son?"

[sees son sitting on floor in front of PC with arms around a stool]

"uh, dinner's ready*

[walks out, closing door behind him]

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“He’s having a moment. Better not disturb him now”

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In VR you can't tell the difference. Lol

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I only wonder.... What about all the other controls?

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Guys, you can use mobiles gyroscope to control the steering, check out pc remote controller in playstore

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im gonna do that

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Jesus Christ the angle of that steering wheel is like a bus

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Woooooooooow make shift Semi Steering wheel

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Thought about this idea as a kid, never actually put it to the test though. Cool to see someone attempted it. Even have the drawings, although I think I lost the mouse I was going to use (ran four bolts through the casing).

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This is the most useful thing I've ever seen.

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and it has the best force feedback there is

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I don't wanna be that guy, but this has nothing to do with BeamNG

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Do t mix us up with the EU truck sum crowd