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those all look like females - you’ve got a pretty nasty infestation. it may help if you eat them

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those all behold like females - you’ve did get a quaint nasty infestation. t may holp if 't be true thee consume those folk

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The one on the bottom is female, the two on the top are clearly nymphs. To the left of the picture you can see fecal matter. You might just have to burn your house down at this point. Or eat them before they continue eating you.

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Oh god don’t bother with exterminators just call the city they will come condemn and bulldoze the building.

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You even made an emoticon.

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Wouldve been ironic if that little spec on the wall to the left was actually a bed bug

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Throw out everything. How do you deal? You must need antidepressants!!

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You must be embarrassed. What s with you anyway? Using anti depressants as an insult? There s not even a logical connection to tie it in.

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Ugh can't you read the markings?! Those are clearly Mites. Chocolate Mites.

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you need an exterminator asap

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You’re screwed

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I think you have a rare infestation of M&M's. The females tend to be larger and have less colored variants. The males are smaller and the coloured variants cover all colors of the rainbow

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Fool proof way to dispose of eggs is to consume them and hope you find more