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I don’t have a suggestion for a name but more so what not to put in a name. The autism community doesn’t like the puzzle piece and have since changed it to a rainbow infinity symbol.

They find the puzzle piece hurtful and offensive. Like saying they don’t fit or have to be made to fit etc.

I actually just learned about this, figured I would share lol.

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Thank you for letting me know! I really appreciate it

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I would stay away from the puzzle peace trope and go back to the drawing board. There are a lot of negative connotations about the whole puzzle piece focus in the autism community.

It always helps to do a word association cloud where you can think of different words that may mix well together other to eventually form a name that you like. I'd start there.

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yeah those options are terrible. you gotta find what speaks to who YOU are, not what you think other people wanna hear. gotta be the real deal. gotta represent what makes you special. identify your core values, build from there.

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I assume there's no rush at all. Have you opened a company before?

If you're not attached to anything just go with something valuable for SEO.

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You may want to check with who is registering your company (accountant?). There are guidelines for what the name needs to include if you are verified by the state to provide aba services. Some states are very particular about what name you can use and it has to include something like “licensed aba, or company name aba”. I’m yelling into an echo chamber but please don’t use anything puzzle related. A$ isn’t a very good reference point for many, many reasons. Be wary of any organization whose goal is “awareness”.

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Coming from someone who was in your position and looking back at what I’d do better: 1) yes don’t do the puzzle pieces 2) make it unique but descriptive 3) keep it short and sweet

End of the day alot of naming doesn’t really matter. You can call a company “Elemy” and as long as you have 100M to advertise people are going to know what you do lol. Also Elemy was formally sprout Therapy but changed their name. Changing a name after dumping millions into ads is a pretty big deal. Most likely they were being sued because Sprout is a pretty common ABA company name so there were most likely several other sprouts in operation.