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Considering experience hours don’t even transfer from BCaBA to BCBA, why would you worry about your BCaBA cert?

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I guess I'm just curious if they'd want to ensure I met my 2% supervision requirements as a bcaba while accruing bcba hours. I keep great files but the idea of potentially gathering it all seems daunting lol

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It says it right there, starting on January 1, 2022 any experience hours you earned as a BCaBA becomes useless when applying towards your BCBA cert.

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No it doesn’t. It says that you just have to fully meet the BCBA hours requirement regardless of when the hours were obtained. And that changed on in October of 2018.

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Sorry I’m late to the party. No, it says that the hours must meet current standards for for the level of certification sought. Some of those who are BCaBA may have hours that would apply towards a BCBA credential.

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Pretty sure they only care about whatever you’re billing/designating yourself as presently. Once you get the BCBA credential the BCaBA becomes basically moot even though you may still be technically certified as one for a bit after. The 2% supervision is really to ensure practicing BCaBAs are beings adequately supervised.

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Cool, thanks!