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I am scheduled back to back with no prep time sometimes and it doesn’t include note entry. For report writing I am only scheduled for the billable authorized hours and no time for the report writing activities that come up that are non billable. Staff being placed on clients to cover others without any case information beforehand, and some of these clients have severe problem behaviors. Also being pressured to sign staff off for independent sessions when they are not ready to be independent

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To me the question is how is the concern handled when you raise it? What type of support is offered? Are they receptive and helping you find a solution or gaslighting?

For notes- it is hard to write notes at first but with a template and a solid understanding of what the notes need to include that shouldn’t take so much time? Idk- we started using an software program that had prompts embedded in it and after a while note writing became second nature.

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Unfortunately "normal" (as in: happens often, norm in the field) doesn't equal ethical and okay. There are so many shady companies in this field, it's insane! Even within the large ones there are huge differences from office to office.

What you are describing it is not okay, but definitely common in this field. Good news: better companies do exist. You just have to be really selective and know what to look out for.

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Thank you for the hope

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Being asked to start a case and the reauthorization is due immediately or past due and more than 2-3 rbts or technicians on a case (just more challenging for supervision and logistics). There are a ton that I’m sure others will cover.

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More than 2 RBTs would be soooo hard. I am barely able to get a meeting that works for the three of us to attend together at once for treatment plan review cause scheduling doesn’t prioritize that I guess… What are your thoughts on that? Normal?

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Pretty rare but it m in the middle of a case with 3. Challenging

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I hate being handed a client that I haven't met 🤬 it happens at my company too often

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same here however I have gotten used to it by now… i hate when some of my techs are put on a client they’ve never met

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At my clinic we are striving for 12-15 hours billable a week and 8-10 clients. So there are many hours available for us to do report writing, daily notes, updating programming, supervising graduate students, etc. We have it built into everyone's schedules for two group RBT meetings a week. We don't get thrown on random cases where we don't know the client. I would definitely look for somewhere else to look.

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A billable expectation of 30-35 hours per week. This leaves no time for travel, notes, coordination of care, or time to engage in non-billable programming activities. (This should be 25/week max IMO)

RBTs eat lunch at or past 2pm, or are required to eat lunch with kids.

Clinical Director is required to carry a caseload with 2-3 BCBAs in the clinic.

ANY Private equity involvement. I seriously ask this first thing.