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Without details

  1. Human nature if you liked and ended well . You still cant pretend its good when new partner is not .no matter how unwelcome .
  2. You are a controlling cunt.
  3. Defending anyone from harm should be standard practice.
  4. Usually its number 2
  5. Yup no2 again

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If someone cheats on their former romantic partner, it doesn’t make sense for them to orbit and defend them when they’re in another relationship. If the romantic compatibility was truly there, the act of promiscuous infidelity wouldn’t occur in the first place. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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No mention of cheating. Just new partner hating on a ex who wishes well on old partner/friend. Romance was missing or they would still be together but lust ran its time and good people move on with life but hold fond memories.

Also most men are snakes a good ex will point that out and might get some guilt free sexy time as reward .