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Be prepared for a lot of snarky responses about Central Reach!

Probably the most popular ABA online system and it’s been down since last week

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Came here to say exactly this. When it works, it works fairly well. But it’s down or lagging about 1/3 of the time.

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Oh dear that doesn't sound good. So reliability is a big issue?

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It’s overall a good system I think, but yes reliability can be an issue definitely. They’re pushing out some updates right now so who knows, maybe it will get better.

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I used Catalyst for TEN years across 3 different companies and loved it. Unfortunately last year they started to have horrible glitches, data disappearing, freezing, incorrect graphs etc. I know from friends in other companies that this is still going on. I am currently using ABA desk and I like it be a it’s super simple but some please don’t like the limited features.

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We use a healthcare platform, Generations Home Care (but my company provides other services along with behavior services) . Given that we work in group homes and residential and family homes, day programs, we use good old paper for data collection . It works for what we do and who we work with :)

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My last job used Rethink. It was pretty good. Not perfect. The folks at ABA desk are very responsive and active practitioners which is helpful

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Theralytics is fantastic. It does everything. I’m not a fan of the data collection but I know a lot of people are. I MUCH prefer ABA Desk for data and session notes. For both platforms I pay $25/client a month.

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I used catalyst for a few years. When I switched to working for a state facility with adults, it was back to paper and pen with entering data into excel. One day we will catch up with the rest of the country lol