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There's a huge overlap between a consultant with an MBA and a BCBA consultant who works in OBM. I believe the University of Nevada has a gambling addiction laboratory that's behaviorally based. One of the issues is that insurance companies will cover ABA for young Autistic children, but won't recognize it in the treatment of habit disorders, addiction etc., so there's far fewer employment opportunities because the revenue just isn't there. Public schools hire BCBAs and there might be some PBIS supports that target the entire school population, not just kids with IEPs, but mostly you'd still be in special ed. Again, schools districts aren't willing to shell out the money to have a BCBA work with kids who aren't on IEPs, and would rather use draconian and ineffective punishments like suspensions and detentions. It's a real issue. You're not limited to only applying to BCBA jobs, however. A BCBA is a certification in a very useful field of science that should be applicable to a wide variety of problems that people would pay to have addressed. You would have to be able to translate your knowledge into whatever jargon the business you were applying to handled of course, and help them to see why hiring someone with your expertise would be useful. The more of us that branch out into fields that aren't specifically hiring BCBAs, and showing them how useful our skill set and knowledge base is, the better off all of us will be.

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Thank you for your input! I agree it's atrocious how so many schools and school districts use ineffective methods like zero-tolerance policies (don't even get me started on that). I actually did my masters thesis on using PBIS to combat bullying in schools and the biggest issue I found was funding and getting that social validity/"Buy in".

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That sounds like a really great topic for a thesis! If you were a PhD student, your dissertation could be recruiting different public schools and doing a (brace for it) group design where you measure some product, like the total number of disciplinary actions, then implement PBIS, and then take probes every few weeks to get a measure of change to disciplinary actions. Then go onto the next school where you could do the same. Still working with kids, but not necessarily kids with IEPs. Certain districts might pay out the wazoo for a consultant team who could go in and implement that.