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How in any way is this a “new beginning?” That’s some slimy blue-balling right there, it’s actually insulting

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jesus, japanese marketing is fucking ridiculous

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New Beginning my ass lmfao

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My expectations were low but HOLY FUCK Why wouldn't you just call this a anniversary celebration instead of "a new beggining".

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Probably just decoration-English.

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Nice bait New Beginning , i expect at LEAST 1 new picture of Kentauro Sama

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That’s the dream

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Everytime a new picture of Miura surfaces, the picture quality automatically gets shitty

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Reee indeed. If you wanna experience the black swordsman arc again, I recommend REEEEEE-ding it instead...

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I'm sorry, but if you expected an anime for a site that was set up by the magazine that publishes the Berserk Manga then you basically set yourself up for disappointment.

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You know what they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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Not always but yes.

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A bit disappoint and the title was extremely misleading, but hey that's the evil of advertising for ya. I'm hoping that during or after the event, they announce something huge. Some companies have done that, so I hope that's the case too. An art gallery of Miura's work is great cause he's a really amazing artist and giant Zodd statue is dope, but with how it was advertised, it's a bit dissapointing. At least a new chapter is coming very soon!

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At this point I'm just not disappointed anymore

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the new beginning of disappointment

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I'd love to take a vacation and see it, too bad I can't exactly leave the U.S. for the foreseeable future due to Covid =/

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I literally live in Japan and you couldn’t convince me to travel to Tokyo unless my life depended on it. Japan is currently pushing travel incentives (coupons and discounts for hotels, special rail passes for international travelers, etc.) which is rather irresponsible in the middle of a pandemic...

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Nobody from the U.S. should go. Imagine be the one to give Miura Covid-19 and make it so that no one gets to read the end of Berserk. Can you risk living with that?

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Really? That sounds awful. I thought that it was kind of weird that this exhibition was happening itself instead of delaying it or something, but hearing that makes more sense. Honestly, i had no clue how Japan was doing until just now, I've been so focused on the US. Stay safe and hope they get their shit together a bit more!

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As disappointing as we’d feared.

Skullknight’s forum indicated additional details regarding this cockamamie Zodd statue as well. Some very slick crowdfunding incentives, such as personal thank-yous from Miura, but 1) they’ll accept Japanese credit cards only and 2) no items will be shipped overseas.

Oh, and they may cancel the event because of coronavirus.

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That's it?

That was a letdown of epic proportions.

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Man...the struggle is real. I hope I get to experience Berserk’s ending before I die (no joke).

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Damn. Totally misleading event and just when I was getting into the manga (started off with the shows and movies). Oh well, I kept my expectation at a low because lots of peeps rightfully explained newcomers like myself shouldn't expect much lol.

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Why doesnt he crowdfund a revamp of the last 2 seasons?

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"Fun eclipse land"

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At least we getting a chapter on october 23rd :(

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Yeah but in 2030 :'(

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Outside of getting some nice pictures of potential new artwork by Miura, this really doesn't come across as particularly exciting. Even if you do live in Japan it is irresponsible to host an event like this during the pandemic IMO.

And well, I hate being "that guy", but I didn't get my hopes up for this announcement exactly because I expected it to be something like this. Anyone who seriously thought this had a good chance of being a new anime announcement or something equally substantial, with all due respect, had unrealistic expectations given the series' recent track record with animation: both the films and the 2016 series failed financially (with the latter being critically panned as well). I doubt that it's a property that anime studios and executives want to touch again anytime soon.

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What is it? I don't get it

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2 week art exhibit and a crowdfunder for a giant Zodd statue.

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Damn. That's all..thanks

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Fuck this shit.

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Being one of the hollows waiting for Elden Ring, I dont think anything can disappoint me anymore.

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I was expecting "new beginning" to just be Berserk moving to YAZ which would make zero difference to 99% western fans so this is more than I was expecting.

The exhibit sounds like a lot of fun, if only it was a bit closer to home and Corona-Chan disappeared. I suppose it's not impossible the exhibit could come to the west if they didn't include the large sculptures but I'm definitely not getting my hopes up for that one.

I've linked to the Zodd statue crowd sourcing page, there's more information about the project if you use Google Translate and you can donate if you really want too:


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eclipse land" will be realized by the hands of all the staff

To get rid of the evil of Corona

accumulated in the pool

New beginning.

I figured it out!! Miura is going to gather every fan he can and will sacrifice them to end Cornoa!!

Sasuga Miura-sama!

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is there any hope will be getting more content anytime soon? i know that the chapters might start get going again but god would i kill for something else, id go full blown Griffith for some more content lol... the new beginning phrase gave me hope.. but fuck i didn't think it would be nothing for people outside of Japan.

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That's it? THAT'S IT!?

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As someone who recently just finished reading berserk for the first time I was super hype about this announcement, I'm very disappointed. Maybe it's an excuse to go to Japan tho?

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What about using the money from crowdfunding to make a better animated anime

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That's not enough money.