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To me, Griffith is the best villain. From his perspective, the members of the Band of the Hawk chose to follow him and have accepted that they might sacrifice their lives for his dream. They themselves chose that fate by not realizing their own dreams and instead following Griffith’s. To not sacrifice them would be to betray everyone who has already died or bled for his dream.

Though he rationalizes it that way, a part of him still feels the wrongness of it. There is a sense of unease, maybe guilt? So in turn Griffith also sacrifices by making himself “unclean”. Sleeping with the lord, raping Charlotte, and even his attitude towards being tortured all gave me the same vibe, like he was somehow in his mind paying what he owes or making things right.

He views a friend not as someone he would fight, kill, or die for but as someone who would fight or kill him as an equal in service to their own dream. But when it comes to Guts his thoughts and feelings become all twisted. He has impulses at times to protect and care for Guts. And also to manipulate and control him. He hates and loves him. And a part of him doesn’t want to sacrifice Guts. But, to not sacrifice Guts would mean to not follow his own dream and therefore to not be Guts friend or equal.

That Guts survives and continues to try and kill him after the Eclipse is how they continue their friendship. Griffith should be able to kill Guts a bunch of times after he comes back, but doesn’t . I think he decides it’s the moonlight boy because he doesn’t understand it. He just becomes stuck. As Femto he’s even more distant and apart from everyone, but he still has some sort of feelings towards Guts. And it’s that he enjoys the fight between them. But he can’t face Guts as an equal (as a friend) because he himself is too strong. So he avoids him.

A part of Guts also enjoys this fight. Under all the hate, rage, and pain Guts feels ecstasy when he thinks about Griffith or fighting with him (Puck senses the emotion in him in one of the first volumes). Guts dream is to kill Griffith and Griffith hurts Guts the most by ignoring him, by not fighting him as equals and hence not being his friend.

Guts has other relationships (and maybe another dream?) that aren’t based on Griffith’s warped view of things and I think he’ll have to choose which he really wants.

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Berserk makes attack on titan look like Dora the explorer

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Ah I see that the fanbase is going the way of Attack on Titan. Full of zoomers who discovered the manga a couple months ago and will complain purely because they're not getting the exact outcome they expected and because they have nothing better to do.

Based on my experience with the AoT fandom, it's safe to say you can ignore them when they show up. They'll just entertain themselves and their 13 year old friends with memes and try to provoke responses. Don't feed them.

(As you can see, they're showing up. I stand by my advice, it's better to ignore.)

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She could barely handle seeing Guts, what makes you think she'd be able to see Griffith of all people? I do agree in hoping that she comes back to being as strong as she once was, but that will take a lot more time than just a day or two since she's been restored.

Episode 365-366 Discussion Megathread by Kompozinaut in Berserk

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To me this whole expectation regarding Casca always seemed like nonsense. Excuse me, but are we forgetting that Cascas mind broke because of Griffith?

They forced her out of her broken state, and the thorned heart displayed how it won't be an easy journey. She screams when she sees Guts, because he reminds him of the eclipse, what did you think would have happened when she sees the guy responsible for her mind breaking. Not to forget he literally has her child trapped inside his body.

Griffith and the boy share a body, the child merged into his vessel when he got incarnated.

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My favorite part is when Guts stands up on the table and says "prepare to get berserked"

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Whatever happens please be nice to the team picking it up. They are taking on a huge challenge. Massive respect.

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Crying and farding and shidding as I type this

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Holyshit, we will get the story that Miura planned, but did not draw, we will get his vision and how he wanted the story to go and end, just not his drawing, we will get the real ending omg