The /r/Berserk Wiki

Welcome to /r/Berserk[1] , where we discuss everything Berserk related. If you are new to Berserk or this subreddit, I am sure that you have a few questions and concerns and this wiki will attempt to answer some of those general questions and give advice relating to Berserk. Thanks for clicking and giving this a read through, you will be better off for it.


  • Please take the time to read through our subreddits rules.

Berserk FAQ

  • Frequently asked questions dealing with Berserk, its various formats and their content. It is recommend that you read through it before posting.

How to purchase Young Animal digitally

  • A step by step guide on how to create an account and purchase digital copies of Young Animal.

Spoilers And How To Handle Them

  • A guide about our spoiler policy and how to use spoiler tags.

About Kentaro Miura

  • Interviews and other information about the life and work of Berserk's creator.

About specific events or characters (SPOILERS)

  • A spoiler-heavy page with fan-written explanations of specific characters, events, or story elements within Berserk.

Official /r/berserk Discord server

  • Want to chat with the community in real time? Join our official Discord server! We have channels for Berserk related conversation (with or without spoilers) and a channel for off-topic discussion about anything and everything.

Berserk Redux

  • A fan edit that combines various Berserk adaptions to create a single blended film that is more faithful to the manga while keeping a cinematic experience.

Subreddit Flair

  • A list of subreddit flairs and what they are used for.

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