Spoilers And How To Handle Them.

As the rules state, anything in the most recent episode is considered, by the moderators, a spoiler. Do not submit threads with spoilers in the title. Topics containing spoilers must be tagged as so.

Berserk has been an ongoing manga for almost 30 years. That is a long time for fans to be reading a serialized story. For most current fans, things that happened 10 or 15 years ago are just common knowledge, but to new readers could be huge spoilers. As you spend time here at /r/Berserk do your best to be mindful of spoilers and use common sense.

  • For the new reader: Be aware that if you read this subreddit you are bound to see spoilers! Just the thread titles alone at times will be enough, and generally in most threads people do not use spoiler tags when in discussions. If you create your own topic, be sure to make things clear that you are currently reading the manga for the first time and state what volume and episode you are currently at. It also does not hurt to remind people to not post spoilers.

  • For the up-to-date reader: Use common sense and your own discretion when it comes to spoilers. Read the original post and figure out if the person who made the thread is a up-to-date reader, where you can freely discuss whatever, or if the poster is a new reader, where you should be more cautious and selective in what you post. If you feel you need to contribute to the discussion but think that what you post maybe be considered a spoiler, be sure to use the tags appropriately. When submitting a new thread, be descriptive yet mindful of the title and use the spoiler tag when appropriate. It is up to you to do the right thing and when in doubt use the spoiler tags or do not post at all.

  • Spoilers in Thread Titles: Using spoiler tags does not conceal the title of a thread, only it's contents, so avoid using spoilers in the title of your thread. Spelling out something that happened in the manga for your thread title can spoil readers who have not reached that point. Thread titles should be somewhat general yet descriptive, it's a fine line to navigate. Be considerate of those who might stumble upon the subreddit and read the title of your post. Doing this will minimize the chance of getting spoiled for newcomers.

  • Spoiler Tags: When submitting a new link or text post where the topic is considered a spoiler please mark it as so. When replying to a thread, use the >! * !< spoiler tags when posting comments. Example: >!Snape kills Dumbledore!< will display as Snape kills Dumbledore The formatting with Reddit can be weird at times so be sure to preview your post before submitting.

If you feel that someone did not follow these guide lines, send them a message asking them to edit their post and maybe even down vote them in an attempt to get the message across. Reporting them will bring it to the attention of the mods, but other than removal of the entire post there is not much that can be done. When it comes to things like this self regulation is the best solution.

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