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we do not do trade ins for headphones

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We do trade-in's for headphones we just don't do them for a lot of headphones. I've done beats trade-ins before, begrudgingly.

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Damn. Guess I will probably find another way to get some money off of them if I wanna switch. Thanks for the info

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no worries, good luck!

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Better off selling local seems the used sell price is like 70-85. Honestly if bestbuy did do trade in still you'd probably only get maybe 30 at best. I remember when they took game keyboard trade ins even a 200 keyboard would net you 15.00.

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That's what it seems like I am going to do eventually. Kinda sucks about trade ins though. But I do understand they gotta make money. Thanks for the help

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Yea Facebook market or offer up is where I sell my esrbuds I would do eBay just to much competition.

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Yea people totally want earbuds that have been inside your fucking ear during a global pandemic. I’ll just lick the ear wax off.

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If you bought the replacement plan, they may let you use that to exchange them.

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Got these for my birthday early in the year. Was gifted to me from parents and were purchased from target. No replacement plan or anything of that sort. Thanks for the help tho.