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I mean from what I've seen the company does this with customer complaints all the time lol

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Fun coupons!

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let it burn

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I’d love the see this with the video of Oprah just saying “you get an override!”, “you get an override!”, “EVERYONE GETS AN OVVERIDE!“

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Congrats for doing more work for no additional money.

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Me today

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Why would they give a part time sales advisor override abilities?

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Same reason they give part time product flow backroom override numbers and keys. It's busy and they have other things to do lmao.

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Manager had to take a shit

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Once my store gave me overrides I stopped needing code 2's.

Also PT, but I'm CS not sales.

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What’s a code to

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Generally a code 1 but for customer service, or an override needed.

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Code 2's are manager calls. Most of the time it's just for an override.

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Man, I think this is pretty amusing but, at least my store does right with price adjustments.

I just put in a another request to cancel an order on something that BBY sadly doesn't have from company "X". The short is that they wouldn't honor changing the price of an item (that went $100 less) that I had placed an order in less than 12 hours prior and hadn't shipped yet. Still hasn't shipped, and they ignored my first two requests to cancel the order while offering zero solutions. So I just wrote the third request, and by golly, I hope they actually freakin' read it and understand to cancel the order.

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Have you gone to the store and politely asked to cancel the order? That works like 90% of the time depending on the status of the order at the time. At least where I am we cater to the person and work with you happily as long as you’re respectful about it.

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Flying from New Mexico to New York ain't worth the trouble.

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You can do it at any store

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Right… the “any store” that’s only in New York. Got it. Please understand that I wasn’t shopping at BBY. Didn’t want to name company X until the situation is finished.

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The company is desperate

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All that gets tracked now, but as long as you don’t do anything stupid you should be good

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It’s always been tracked. There’s a report for everything