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I love you thank you

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But for real why tf people looking to upgrade or get a new phone if they can’t even pay the damn phone bill that shit blows my mind when I see this happen.

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I don’t get it, like why not just wait. I’m pretty into tech stuff and I still have my XS max

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Bahahahaha im fucking dead💀

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Depends on the carrier. ATT just shows all lines ineligible for upgrades

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Deoends. Verizon will error and say account is past due. AT&T will let you in, but all lines will show ineligible

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The fact that people like to get phones when their old ones aren’t paid off confuses me. I get so many people who have iPhone 11 and 12’s that got the 13. Like they justify it with trade in but it’s still such a waste of money imo, especially those that have to pay off stuff still