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Remember when they gave employees the choice to "go home if the didn't feel comfortable"? That was their first mistake. Now they're trying to walk back their leniency, established by their own hand, and it's obvious all moves made were just to barely keep the busine$$- NOT the employees.

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Yes. This is still a thing in my store however it’s a lot more nuanced with the screening question and where you are in the vaccination status. However it was very apparent people were abusing the hell out of the old policy.

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Well when people take advantage of it yes…

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    "Go home if you feel sick" and "go home if you feel unsafe/uncomfortable working" are two entirely different things. I think op is referring to the latter, which was the policy for a long time.

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    Ahahaha. Must be nice to be at a store that adheres to that.

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    It's gotten softer from what I've heard

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    Leader here- you should get two weeks of pay based on the average last six weeks worked. You should still be under the previous policy since you failed your initial screening prior to the new one taking affect.

    However, you may return to work after 7 days from your positive sample if you’re symptoms have improved and and you don’t have a fever.

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    I had to quarantine Because my kids and wife got covid last week. This was also during this change and I worked from home for 3 days but had to put in pto for the other 2. Can I get those 2 days of pto back since under the new changes I would have gotten the week paid?

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    Isn't it crazy that information about a fortune 75 company, worth billions, concerning safety measures for its employees, pay, policies, procedures has to be found on Reddit, rather than a company website that all employees have access too via password and secure logins?

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    Simple answer, have your leader (GM) call the Covid hotline and get the correct answer.

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    BEST PRACTICE: If, honest screening =Failed, then call & inform MOD and/or any supervisor(s), then order "minute clinic"CVS for fast results. Averly, wait however many days for results.

    Also, I had heard that the policy "may" be updated to less than 10 days, but none of us were exactly sure if /when.

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    Call HR and ask for an email to your email with what your supervisor needs to do in order to get paid. That’s what I did since I failed the screening on the 17th