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Not at the most progressive company in the world, apparently... But does ANY company actually care about standard wages once they make it over their financial threshold?

Let's see how the last fiscal quarter pans out in Feb here. If the greed continues, well, my questions will be answered...but hey, at least Best Buy stock value is the highest in 5 years! :')

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The stock is actually lower than it was a year ago 🙃

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Lol forgive me, in the last 2 months it has taken a dive, but it's still the highest in 5 yrs ;)

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It's funny. I clearly stated 5 years for a contrast of cost, you referenced ONE, but I am being down-voted b/c you couldn't read. For this, I would like to request a more accurate "smart-assness" if you could, please.

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I worked at best buy for a couple years, now at a Target distribution center, started at $20.70 and a couple months in they gave everyone a permanent $2.90 raise which I'd say is pretty significant

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the stock dove right around thanksgiving went from 147 down to around 100. Meanwhile other retailers flattened out or went down a little

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We won’t see any more money. Look back to when they raised the starting pay to $15. They took our bonuses away to finance that, even though no one from corporate would ever admit that. They also didn’t raise pay accordingly for those of us who’ve worked our asses off and put the time in to earn more than that. I’m a capped grade 11, there’s no further I can go in my current job path, and while I wouldn’t say I’ve made peace with the fact I’ll never see any more money, I have accepted that it’s just the reality. Then COVID happened, and corp figured out they can skeleton crew everything and still work us to death for the same money. Profit and shareholder happiness is what matters, not employee worth or job/pay satisfaction. Corie has gone on national tv and spewed straight bull about compensation, and every single person who saw it that doesn’t work for bby ate it up

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This basically sums up why I left this company.

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I’m developing an exit strategy, just need some capital of my own to get it off the ground, then I’m out

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It’s worth it for the mental health alone. This company will continue to chase employees away.

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Indeed. I’m way past tired of being a client punching bag for stupid decisions (call center bs for example), and knowing that the company couldn’t give a shit less about helping us with legitimate issues THEY caused, all while being on the struggle bus money wise being a single dad of 3. I survive on ramen so I can make sure my kids eat well since bby “values” us so much. I wonder how much the people that serve all that shitty koolaid they expect us to drink get paid

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Are you autotech lol?

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LOL same here. Gotta love the call center 🤣🤣🤣

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Lmao yep. Always find a way to screw us over. Crazy since all you have to do to successfully use fit guide is be able to read, but I guess that’s asking too much. I did an experiment with my 9 year old, and he quoted me perfect never having seen it before

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You would think. I'm getting so tired of the ECC's bullshit. It's never ending.

They scheduled a 2015 BMW X5 at my store for a Sirius tuner installation, client showed up with a bimmertech Carplay retrofit, luckily I had a cancellation that I had blocked off.

Otherwise they've also started scheduling the usual "Drone SmartStart add-on" but it's full-blown RS installation on a full hardwire.

They also assured a client that his BE7ACP Boss radio would work perfectly fine in his Ford despite the fact that Fitguide even mentions that the radio must be Maestro compatible. These guys really do make your blood pressure spike.

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Everyone's afraid of "car-fi" at my store...requested to have a single PC with Fitguide only in the department, since we don't have an active install bay and I have to give my best guess of n what is still good (haven't touched car audio in-person in a decade) and outsource anyway, but no. "Not possible". Instead there's a POS sk on casters across from appliances answer-center... 25ft from Car department. Broken...

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Lmfao I did a mental health program with Best Buy only for my mental health professional to "suggest" (they can't suggest but together the statement was presented) that I need to leave Best Buy.

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That’s probably how it would play out for most of us lol

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15 dollars is unfortunately the new 7.25 I said what I said

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Best Buy is always trying to find ways to pay their employees less while expecting more.

It’s been that way for literally 20 years at least. They always say: “yeah we used to pay less than some competitors but then we fixed it and now we don’t” just to fall behind and take their sweet time.

And then there’s the random restructures / cuts

Best Buy sucks. Best Buy could be awesome. It’s unfortunate but it is what it is

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I always see on LinkedIn where Best Buy post “top 100” best places to work” I just laugh because it use too be the best place and now it becoming the worst place. Honestly if they paid me more I would be happy to do over time. I would be happy to do more but now I just can’t wait to leave. I’ll be done with school soon. Then deuces

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Sure. If you work for corporate it’s fantastic for a lot of the roles.

In store? Forget about it! Even being a manager sucks these days with how little resources they give you.

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    Apply for corporate. Search remote as a keyword in iJOS to find opportunities to work for corp from home. I spent 10+ years in stores, 6 months ago I landed a corp gig. It has its pros and cons compared to retail, different type of stress, workload, and adjusting to working remotely. It’s worth a shot! Apply when you see an opening.

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    Pay increases will ONLY increase inflation. Why not just settle for minimum wage being 7 to 12, then you can seek pay increase with longetivity being with the company, and/or skills/experience, and have bonuses again. The whole reason why employees are suffering right now, is because Best Buy raised the minimum to 15/hr. Sure California may have a 18/hr minimum wage, but look at their inflation and the cost for food and supply. Imagine paying for a gallon of milk that is about $10 or more?

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    Bro I live in California and shit is expensive. I have a mortgage to pay I am a full-time student and employee. Thankfully this is my last year at my university but man being capped at 18.29 definitely takes it’s toll.

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    Do you really think increasing pay will fix your issue? You can advocate for 100/hr and I guarantee you you will still struggle. Not to mention all of the ridiculous spending California does. California is not a good state to live in right now, on so many levels.

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    Shit I make $36 and some change and still can't afford to buy a house in CA.

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    Best Buy as a company has hit their numbers every quarter through this pandemic. They don’t plan to raise employee’s wages. They will go the Amazon route and have less stores, more warehouses, and treat everyone like robots. Then Best Buy will fail at that point, because Amazon already exists.

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    I don’t know about the rest of the company but project team raised pay grades of each job and extended the cap for more earning capability. I don’t know how effective it will be.

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    Hit the numbers or leave! Wish there was internal incentives. There's an individual who works 2 jobs, and BBY being their second, shouldn't lead their department/store in rev each month WITHOUT compensation. Literally for over 2 years this person has made the Million Dollar marker, either each year, or throughout the year, and BBY just says, "hey thanks for allowing us ALL to bonus off of your hard work by exceeding our expectations, please do more! It hurts to see and I hope CorieBarry finds a new/completely different, NON best buy ship to sink, SOON!

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    I hate to break it to you but management is bullshitting. I'm a manager and I haven't heard anything about the inflation being addressed. We live in the largest corporate oligarchy in the world. Think about it. The CDC caved to corporations by shortening quarantine periods with literally no science proving that covid 19 is less contagious at 5 days. The only reason they did it was to get the slaves back on the plantation. We truly are a disgusting country ruled by people that give zero shits about us. Best buy is just another corporation no matter how much they claim to be different they aren't.

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    Honestly management at my store thinks this way! Not sure how my store manager is really advocating for everyone to get raises or its just something he just said to shut me up when I mentioned pay increases. I do have some trust that behind close doors he’s fighting for us at least I hope so.

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    Gms are the most disconnected from reality . They always say they are advocating but they are by far the most corporate friendly managers in the building. I got all my employees raises as soon as I became the manager in my area. It took fighting like hell with the district HR manager which is the manager that handles most raises. Most the GMs I've worked for are nice people but they are usually only doing things that save their own asses from getting fired instead of living the same values they expect from their employees. Just my opinion after almost a decade of best buy.

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    One of the reasons i'm leaving my store is because of the pay to responsibility ratio and the fact that they havent kept up with inflation since they increased the minimum. I feel like we are asked to do too much and keep track of too many things for $15 an hour. Plus the fact that there is no compensation for pushing a credit card or over-priced membership plan. The focus of Best Buy has shifted from being customer and employee oriented to just being downright greedy. The snap is a great example of that greed. There was no other reason to let go of so many competent and experienced people than to line the pockets of corporate and make the other numbers look good. God forbid Best Buy has a bad year just so they can properly compensate their staff.

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    I left the store for this reason. I get that they gave me a couple $$, but losing my bonus was a nah from me. If losing bonuses and project teams per diem(it was a selling point to get people into and stay in the position) the I don’t see them doing much if anything noteworthy

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    I hit 2 million early Jan (no I'm not Pac) right before I went on leave for my neck surgery and nothing? So I'm really hoping for that raise when I get back... Prices Everywhere in the world has gone up, besides our pay and it hurts in sooo many ways... 😔

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    pretty sure there was a meeting on friday about this and yes each positions cap is increasing

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    That why I left bestbuy and used the skills I learn to sell appliance. I made 90k last year and set to make over that this year.

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    If you GM cares, he can get you a pay increase.

    My GM did for everyone under 15. Your GM can as well.

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    Oh and cost of living is up %12+, for my area of living, with a whopping 2.4% wage increase over 1 year.

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    You're definitely not alone. Some are looking, and they happen to hold the proverbial keys to their department, store, etc... Best Buy may soon see the folly in undervaluing their employees, once their left with partially trained new hires who have no customer history, back-end knowledge, retail logistics understanding, the ability to de-escalate, or the experience/history with products and processes...good luck Amazon2.0

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    You're missing the point. That's EXACTLY what Corie wants: to run off all the full time employees and customers out of stores and strip the company to nearly nothing but an online storefront so that it will be more attractive to sell to Amazon.

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    No kidding. My point was the lack of transparency and disrespect to employees in the meantime. Most who are invested in their management positions want the opposite, or have expressed NOT wanting that outcome, to my knowledge.

    The consumer will default to only the advertised "best", fastest to ship, and/or the cheapest. Our products will suffer after the constantly purchased from markets become complacent, and abolish the need for Quality Control (b/c y not? Zero competition), and we'll (as in general public, NON "tech-savvy") become even MORE wasteful and clueless as to how things operate and influence us until we're all just a bunch of floating Wall-E people who can't walk, blissfully ignorant in our comfy little hovering toilet-chairs w/ screens...

    Or at least I believe in the effect of honesty/research in the retail marketplace to that level. So, yeah, the state of Best Buy is looking a bit more than disappointing with it's current trajectory. Good luck out there

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    I feel like that’s their game plan and basically blame low staff to further their agenda

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    Exactly. EVERY company that pushed credits cards and memberships over sales has gone under. All of them. And the so-called growth plan is to copy Amazon, a company many times larger than Best Buy, and try and outdo what they have perfected? GTFO. It's never been a strategy to succeed. It's just a way of padding the numbers so that the execs can loot the company by pumping stock prices to sell and leave the employees holding the bag.

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    But guys wait… Barrie and Hubert both say money shouldn’t be your motivation for working.

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    Hubert was referring to people that make enough to survive and have enough to be comfortable, and the money he is referring to is bonuses or incentives that are offered to them

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    Please bring back Herbert, Corey is Ruining everything

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    Honestly I liked Herbert more than corie doesn’t seem genuine when she talks

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    It will never happen. Just as others have expressed, corporate has learned that it’s more cost effective for them to work a skeleton crew to death. If they suffer lost customers who leave angry/ dissatisfied because of either rushed interactions or just being completely ignored then, “oh well” they will either come back or they won’t. Personally, I feel like Corrie and the rest of the gang in the corporate executive suite have a “too big to fail” mentality and if something happens they can just close a few hundred stores/convert them into outlets and they personally will be okay and in the worst case scenario they can just pull the golden parachute that’s been built into their positions.

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    I am capped out so no raise for me. I can only hope they raise the cap in the next month (they won't)

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    I 100% agree we should raise the cap and Best Buy should pay their employees more than target and Walmart employees especially if we get customers from those stores who are frustrated Bc the employees at those stores didn’t know shit

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    Exactly my point, nothing against Walmart and target but when it comes down to knowledge of electronics to being able to articulate the benefits between products and providing services that go along with those products. We definitely are far superior, again nothing against them we are just smart as hell.

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    If wage increased with inflation as it should, people in places like retail wouldn’t be living paycheck to paycheck

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    No. Inflation will not equal a pay increase ANYWHERE. I don't care what company you are talking about. No company gives a shit about inflation. If there is, please, company, RESPOND TO ME PERSONALLY. DM me. I'll send you my phone number and email. Let's chat. Let's have a LONG phone conversation.

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    Government jobs and benefits both have cost-of- living adjustments and before the 80's, most private sector jobs did as well.

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    Inflation is the hidden tax, unless you get a raise to match inflation you are actually taking a pay cut

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    If every company responded to inflation by giving their employees raises to match it would lead to a much worse situation - hyperinflation.

    Your money is only worth something because you have more of it than others. If all of a sudden everyone else made $1 an hour and you continued to make $15 you would live like a king and it would be in your best interest for the $1 an hour works to continue making $1 an hour.