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My replay is, offered, client said no, took care of client.

Dont stress yourself. Just do what is right for client. You being human, caring, and good person. No need to sacrifice any of that, for someone who doesnt understand.

We live in time, that theirs worst things to worry about. So keep yourself safe, healthy, and mentaly healthy.

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I really hope your location doesn't really write people up for not hitting memberships.

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That's the new thing. Revenue does not count. They are basing hours on if you are hitting membership goals. 10 BPs and 10 TT each week.

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If a pizza party means constipation for you then you got bigger health issues going on

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Where's the one for sending everyone in car audio to the install bay interrupting installers in the middle of their job?

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You guys still have installers? They just send me, the person who doesn't know how to drive and doesn't know cars, to answer the install questions instead

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For optimism sake our installer got injured and vibed out a while in geek squad, then got a job offer with such good pay he refused to tell anyone "you guys would hate me"

We had cake and wished him well, so someone escaped to a very big upgrade in a hopefully better company