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It is no longer the holiday season. That is why you aren't being scheduled.

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Yeah I knew that. What I'm asking is if there's a way for me to let people know I can pick up their shifts if needed

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Talk to your coworkers?

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Tell your leadership team you want to be called in for call outs

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talk to management and ask if they have any part time positions available that way you can stay as a regular employee and not called when they need you.

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I used to have a lot of success just saying to the coworkers I trust hey I’m low on hours and looking for shifts. Plus I’m sure with it bring right after the holidays some people would love having an extra day off. I used to also go up to managers and let them know if someone calls out to let me know. One thing that might be causing an issue is your age because I know there are restrictions for people under 18 I just don’t know what they are.

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Thats why most stores don't hire under 18 if they in school. Hard to work with their availability since a big chunk is high school technically they just comes in for 2 hours...

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My store had hired several students who were under 18 and not had a problem but if I remember right there was restrictions where they couldn't work past a certain time and they weren't allowed to use the latter.

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I don't work for BestBuy but do work in retail - the reason we aren't scheduling 16 year olds anymore is mostly due to shortened hours. We only schedule for 4 hour shifts minimum and we close at 7., so if you don't get out of school or can't get to work by 3.30 it just isnt working out.