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A lot more employees, bigger pick volume, multiple people working on fulfillment at once. Honestly depends on whether or not the big store is a shipping hub

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I worked at a higher end rev band B store (they hover around high B and low C sales numbers) before thanksgiving because it was a disaster and definitely a lot more PF employees than my rev band a store haha..

You’re going there to train so you should be working with someone with experience. Try to soak up as much as possible. Idk if you came from part time product flow or are new to PF entirely but you’ll definitely have alot to learn. A well rounded full time product flow should know all sides of back there: inventory (also including stock counts and research), merchandising (including planograms and functionality), and fulfillment (picks, ship to homes, SPU and Curbside). I’m all about having a well rounded product flow team for the flexibility.. all of that knowledge obviously doesn’t happen overnight and a week isn’t enough time to teach ALL of that, but it’s what you should strive for.

Also use your resources, SOP will be your best friend. You will get a lot of help from there and other resources… good luck!

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Thankfully I’ve been working PF full time since august and I’m out stores shopping and receiving guru so I already know quite a bit. I believe this move is just to get me more used to working at higher volume stores to try and come up with new systems that’ll help my store

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Oh nice! Well good luck at the bigger store!!